‘Streaming your ideas’, another option for remote filming

Canary Productions offers remote film production from Tenerife

Result of the campaign ‘Streaming your ideas’ Photographer: Joaquín Ponce de León

Canary Productions has produced the video ‘Streaming your ideas’, where they prove the efficiency of their solution for remote shooting from Tenerife with a photoshoot and a commercial. It is an option to adapt to the demands brought about by the Covid-19 health crisis.

How does it work?

Simple, the client chooses the people who are going to take part in the project from Canary Productions’ database: cast (models, actors, extras), director, DOP, makeup artist, hairdresser, etc. These are all keen professionals with experience in the international productions shot in the Canaries in the last few years. Needless to say professionals from the client’s production company can join the team too.

Then, the client picks the locations for their photoshoot or commercial from our database and a creative communication channel is established between the Tenerife crew and the client.

Shooting ‘Streaming Dreams’

The products or fashion collection for the campaign will reach us via the post or courier and we can then do remote castings, costume fitting and make-up tests. 

During the shoot, the remote crew has full control thanks to four channels, one for the camera and 3 additional ones for the set so that you can see and supervise all departments, costume, make up, etc. Thanks to the production coordinator we make sure we do not move on to the next shot until we have your approval. It all happens in real time.

This way of working saves time and money in flights, hotels, etc and it also means you can stay safe, as you work from home, close to your family.

In short, foreign production companies would shoot in Tenerife during the day and would sleep at home.  With this system, Canary Productions guarantees a successful delivery. 

For further information, you can always contact


Tel.: 0034 687 61 74 00

Web: www.canary-productions.com

Email: info@canary-productions.com

Video credits:

PHOTOGRAPHER- Joaquín Ponce de León @joaquin_poncedeleon
ART DIRECTION & STYLING- Lauro Samblás @lauro_samblas
HAIR & MAKE UP- Eli Fernández @eli.atman
MODELS AGENCY- MasQmoda Canarias @masqmodacanarias MODEL- Nazaret Batista @nazaret.batista CASTING- Roberta Liberale @robertaliberale_
PRODUCTION- Canary Productions @canaryproductions
LIGHTING ASSISTANCE- Light Rental Canarias @lightrentalcanarias
STREAMING + BTS- Jesús Padron @jpadronfly

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