Leisure activities in Tenerife: what to do for a great time

Leisure activities in Tenerife come in all shapes and sizes. But seeing how we know that you like to enjoy new experiences, today we’re going to run down a list of different ideas on an island that has countless surprising plans waiting for you. You’re going to love them.

We dare you to try them all!

Adrenaline-fuelled excursions

We know that the word ‘excursion’ for you – someone who likes enjoying unique experiences and doing unusual things – has a different meaning. As does the concept of leisure in Tenerife, especially in terms of spectacular places to visit.

  • VISIT THE VILLAGE OF MASCA | This small picturesque village is the prelude to one of the most beautiful gorge descents on the entire island. The downhill journey has a certain level of difficulty but ends on a lovely yet inhospitable beach that few people have had the privilege to explore. But remember, to enjoy this expedition, you will need to book in advance.
  • DISCOVER THE CUEVA DEL VIENTO | Mysterious and alluring in equal measure. This is an underground lava tube measuring 17 kilometres in length, the fourth-longest in the world. The cave branches off into three levels of passageways that are not suitable for the unadventurous. If you want to explore this cave, you can book here.
  • WHALE AND DOLPHIN WATCHING IN THEIR NATURAL HABITAT | Get in touch with any of the specialised companies that have signed the sustainability charter and that guarantee an environmentally-friendly service and commitment. They will give you the chance to discover the impressive marine life that inhabits the coasts of Tenerife, as well as the first Whale Heritage Site in Europe; a title granted by the World Cetacean Alliance.
  • ASCEND THE TALLEST PEAK IN SPAIN | This is an unforgettable experience, no question.  A visit to Teide National Park is one of the must-see excursions that all visitors to the island should experience. However, you can add a little spice to this adventure by deciding to come and ascend in cable car to the summit, go climbing on its volcanic walls, hiking in the high mountains or a night-time visit to enjoy this Starlight Destination.

The most exciting sports

The island is the perfect place to demonstrate your strength, courage and expertise. Your leisure options in Tenerife include a number of tough sports, those that truly test your body and mind.

  • SURF, WINDSURF & KITESURF | The key here is your board and how you ride the waves, whether using the wind, a sail or a kite. You definitely shouldn’t miss the chance to ride the Atlantic and feel the ocean’s true power while enjoying one of these sports, which are king on the beaches of Tenerife.
  • DIVING | Diving or even snorkelling – its more accessible cousin – to discover the coast of this island from the deep is reserved for only a few brave souls who dare to descend into the magnificent and varied depths of the coasts around Tenerife.
  • CYCLING | Forget about driving around the island and join iconic dot after iconic dot through pedal power on surprising and unique roads. Not a bad idea, right?
  • HIKING TRAILS | Running or walking… it doesn’t matter. Tenerife offers authentic natural tracks on which each trail is a different way to discover the wide and surprising natural surroundings at your own pace; strength and stamina permitting. You just need some good gear and off you go!

Other leisure activities in Tenerife

Do you still want more alternatives for powerful experiences in Tenerife? Well, here are a few more then:

  • FESTIVALS | A music festival is a great buzz anywhere. Don’t miss the ones that take place in Tenerife. Check the calendar of events and find out if any of them coincide with your visit.
  • SHOWS | The cultural offer in terms of theatres or performance venues may also be of interest to you and serve as the perfect ending to a great day of adventuring.
  • UNUSUAL PLACES | What about ending your day with a nice dinner and then heading over to a casino for the emotions of gambling?Visit one of the impressive water parks where adrenaline is also guaranteed or live the experience of gliding through the trees on a zip line…

Leisure activities in Tenerife adapt to your pace and expectations. There are options for everyone, but fun is unquestionably something that gets us moving and makes visiting this island far more appealing.

It’s time to get organising!

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