Tenerife Film Commission awards two more labels of sustainable productions

Mondo TV Studios, headquartered on the island, has measures in place to minimise its carbon footprint. This studio carried out the pre-production of the kids’ animation ‘MeteoHeroes 2’, while Sauce Film performed the filming service for ‘A Town Called Malice’, avoiding the use of protected nature areas

The Tenerife Film Commission has recently awarded two new seals of sustainable productions. The first, for the animated series ‘MeteoHeroes 2’, co-produced by Mondo TV S.p.A and Meteo Operations Italia (MOPI), the largest meteorology institute in Italy. The pre-production of the animated series was wholly performed by Mondo TV Studios, headquartered in Tenerife. The other seal was granted for the drama series ‘A Town Called Malice’, with Sauce Film, a subsidiary of Fresco Film, performing the service on the island.
‘MeteoHeroes 2’, aimed at the kids’ segment, stands out for its message aimed at combatting climate change and environmental protection. It also advocates such values as friendship, solidarity, gender equality, teamwork and inclusion. These values are essential as regards sustainability and the series seeks to convey them to its young audience.

During the production process, Mondo TV Studios carried out a sustainability plan and an environmental management plan, essential to obtain this green seal. As regards the first plan, the company harnessed the opening of its headquarters in Tenerife to adopt such permanent measures as the installation of a water fountain to avoid using plastic glasses and employed materials that promote recycling.

To implement its environmental management plan, the company forged an association with the NGO Tree-Nation, which helped it calculate its carbon footprint and adopted offsetting measures. Nicola Susini, from Mondo TV Studios, outlined that, in accordance with the results of the calculation, the company decided to not only offset direct emissions, but also indirect emissions, such as those associated with business trips and the acquisition of goods.The British drama series ‘A Town Called Malice’, co-produced by Vertigo FilmsRogue State and Sky Studios, used the services of Sauce Film on the island, the division of Fresco Film in the Canary Islands. In this regard, and given the need to film in nature settings, it carried out exhaustive work to avoid filming in protected areas, which account for 48% of the land on the island.

Courtesy of Sky UK. Photo by Cristina Ríos Bordón

Esmeralda Ruiz, on behalf of the production company, argued that “the main challenge was to try and reduce the number of trips between the island and the mainland as much as possible, to which end as many local staff were recruited as possible”. Other goals were to contract local suppliers and employ environmental awareness, as in the case of using the catering service Gomeralia  and minimising the use of disposable products, a complicated task bearing in mind that filming lasted four months and took place outdoors.

Courtesy of Sky UK. Photo by Cristina Ríos Bordón

Sustainable production sealThe sustainable production seal seeks to raise awareness and is granted based on compliance with a series of items included on a verification list  for suppliers, drama productions and animation. Its origin dates back to 2018, when the TFC decided to make a strong commitment to implement sustainability practices, in accordance with the 17 SDG introduced by the UN, in audio-visual productions developed on the island. In 2020, the first seal was awarded.

In alliance with the International Festival of Environmental Cinema in the Canary Islands (FICMEC), the Tenerife Film Commission has implemented a sustainability strategy that contains a decalogue of good practices for sustainable productions. This strategy also promotes the figure of the eco-manager, designer and sustainability strategy planner for film projects.  

More about MeteoHeroes 2:

Pluvia, Nubess, Ventum, Nix, Thermo and Fulmen – the six MeteoHeroes – continue their mission to defend the planet from climate change and pollution. Under the guidance of the MEC – Meteo Expert Center – an international laboratory where the best scientists and experts on meteorology in the world work, the MeteoHeroes continue their training to learn how to best use their incredible powers so as to control atmospheric phenomena. The objective, as usual, is to use them appropriately so as to become the best superheroes to defend the environment.

Its international premiere took place at Cartoonito Italia in 2022. It was also broadcast by other channels and international platforms such as Canal+ France, M2, the culture and family channel of TVN Chile: NTV and the SVOD platform Panda+.

More about ‘A Town Called Malice’:

Set between beach clubs and palm trees on the Costa del Sol at the start of the 1980s, ‘A Town Called Malice’ follows the Lords, a petty crime family from South London as they move from London to Spain to take advantage of an unexpected windfall and to escape the attention of the police in the investigation of a high-profile murder.

The series premiered on Sky UK in March and is expected to premiere soon in Spain.


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