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The best theme parks in Tenerife for a memorable summer with your family

If you are looking for fun in summer, the best theme parks in Tenerife can be the answer to to an exciting day with the family. You don’t know them? Would you like to get to know them all? Don’t worry, we will guide you through the authentic summer oases:

Siam Park

Siam Park Siam Nights Mejores Parques Temáticos de Tenerife

Six years in a row, the world’s best water park, make Siam Park an almost obligatory stop on your holiday in Tenerife. Decorated with Thai inspiration and with attractions ranging from dizzying slides to artificial waves up to 3 metres, it is a visit that is fun for both children and adults.

This summer you should not miss the Siam Nights and get to know the best water park in the world when the sun goes down.

Loro Parque

Loro Parque Mejor Zoologico

Chosen as the best zoo in the world by Tripadvisor users, Loro Parque is a must visit. Home to more than 10,000 exotic animals and 500 species and subspecies of the entire planet, Loro Parque’s commitment to the environment extends beyond the site, with the protection and conservation of endangered species in different parts of the world.

The novelties of Loro Parque include: the pygmy hippos; a threatened species from West Africa; and the Zen garden; the world’s first Japanese underwater garden. Do you want to go on an expedition?

Aqualand Costa Adeje

Aqualand Costa Adeje Tenerife

Aqualand Costa Adeje is a unique combination of water park and dolphinarium. On the one hand, the Dolphinarium is cared for down to the smallest detail, with a protection programme for bottlenose dolphins that has already achieved 18 births within the facilities. In addition, its dolphin show has been recognised as the best in the world by the International Association of Marine Animal Trainers.

On the other hand, among its attractions we can find up to four different types:

Adrenalina, with exciting curves and slides such as “Tsunami” or “Cyclones”, each with a height of more than 21 metres.

KidzWorldwhere the little ones can play between docile dragons, water castles and pirate treasure islands.

Family Funwith a wave pool designed for the whole family.

Chill Out & Playwith a jacuzzi and a “Lava River” where you can relax, relieve tension and disconnect.

If you want to know more about Aqualand Costa Adeje, do not hesitate to visit its official website.

Forestal Park Tenerife

Forestal Park Tenerife

We now enter the forest, specifically in the Protected Landscape of Las Lagunetas, to discover a park at an altitude of over 1,400 metres: the Forestal Park.

With the longest zip lines of the Canary Islands, an adventure of more than two hours awaits you, climbing 30 metres above the ground or sliding along 230 metres in a single pass. If you fancy a special experience in nature, then this is the right excursion for you.

Karting Club Tenerife

Karting Club Tenerife

If you’re looking for adrenaline on four wheels then make a pit stop at Karting Club Tenerife. With the family or with friends, the two routes delight both the youngest (with two-seater karts or adjusted to their age) as well as the adults. The karts can reach up to 90 km / h.

If you are already thinking about organising your Grand Prix, you will find everything you need on their website.

Parque Etnográfico Pirámides de Güímar

Piramides de Guimar Tenerife

The ethnographic park Pirámides de Güímar offers 64,000 square meters of various areas and exhibitions. Its main attraction is the Pyramids of Güímar, pyramid structures, which are aligned with the sun and offer on special occasions astronomical shows such as a double sunset during the summer solstice.

In addition to the pyramids themselves you can visit the poisonous and sustainable gardens, as well as an exhibition dedicated to navigation through the Pacific Ocean and Polynesia. If you want, you can have a small virtual preview of everything that awaits you.

Parque Las Águilas-Jungle Park

Las Aguilas Jungle Park Tenerife

Botanical park and zoo at the same time, in Jungle Park you can find from exotic birds such as swans or flamingos to meerkats, crocodiles or even jaguars.

To its wide repertoire of species you have to add its unique shows, ranging from sea lions and birds of prey to shows with pirates that will make you laugh and enjoy your experience in the jungle. Are you coming?

Now you have a lot to choose from! Do not doubt that a summer full of fun awaits you in Tenerife.

Summer in Tenerife

Summer sun, the balmy Atlantic air… you want to come to Tenerife this summer? Today we propose a virtual trip to Tenerife and visit some of the places you can visit this summer. Our first stop will be a 360 degree visit…

Siam Park in 360 degrees, the best water fun

Crowned as the best water park in the world, you will find this oasis of fun in Costa Adeje. In this 360º photo you can see all the attractions of the park, which are divided into three categories, just rotate the picture:

Relax in Siam Park

There are many attractions where you can relax, enjoy the surroundings and artificial landscapes, inspired by Thai culture and architecture. The Mai Thai River is a calm river with slow and fast stretches, while on Siam Beach you can lie on the whitest and brightest natural sand in the Canary Islands.

Siam Park with the family

Siam Park offers a wide range of unique and entertaining attractions for the whole family: from the largest artificial wave in the world (up to 3 metres high!), to races on slides or even a baby pool, the only one in the Canary Islands.

Adrenalin in Siam Park

Even the bravest will not be disappointed at Siam Park, with 28-metre high water slides and authentic water roller coasters with up to 14 changes of direction. You dare?

Lago Martiánez, an artwork by César Manrique
Lago Martiánez Puerto de la Cruz

In Puerto de la Cruz is one of the most beautiful works of the Canarian artist César Manrique: the Lago Martiánez, an architectural genius since its artificial lake of 33,000 square metres was an engineering challenge that would not be completed until 1977.

It was declared an Asset of Cultural Interest in the Historic Garden category in 2005. Within the complex, next to the lake itself, are five seawater swimming pools surrounded by tropical gardens, terraces, cultural spaces, bars and restaurants. There are 13 sculptures (wind toys) by César Manrique scattered all over the site, making it not only a fun bathing experience, but also an art and culture excursion.

Palmetum de Santa Cruz, the best collection of palm trees in Europe

Palmetum Santa Cruz

From the garbage dump to the lush botanical garden on 12 acres. This is how we could summarise the history of the Palmetum of Santa Cruz de Tenerife. The botanical garden is home to up to 2,000 species of plants, of which 400 are palm trees.

It was inaugurated in 2014, becoming one of the great attractions of the city by joining the landscape environment of the Tenerife Auditorium and the Maritime Park. In the Palmetum there is not only a great collection of plants, also the fauna benefits from the botanical garden. Several species of birds have settled here, making it to a great place for bird watching.

The beach of Los Cristianos, the city merges with the sea

Playa de Los Cristianos

The beach of Los Cristianos was one of the first beaches that attracted tourists in the 60s. With calm waves and golden sand, you can take a peaceful walk around. Dive into the local fishing atmosphere by enjoying gastronomic delights in one of the many restaurants.

Nearby you will also find the beach Las Vistas. You will easily recognise it with its distinctive artificial island in the centre. The pleasant atmosphere invites families of all kinds to take a long walk along the coast.

A dream summer in Tenerife

Have you already thought of everything? Put together your perfect summer in Tenerife and choose between exciting activities or luxury experiences tailored to your needs. A 100% life holiday is waiting for you!

Tenerife for the perfect family holiday

The island is an ideal  for young and old

When a family is looking for a holiday spot where everyone can have a great time, many automatically think of Tenerife. Why? The island is a close, accessible destination with an annual average temperature of 22 degrees centigrade and above all, it offers almost endless possibilities for having fun.

A family trip involves toying with an idea: that the location for a few days of fun and relaxation is different enough from back home but, at the same time, you do not have to travel halfway around the world to get there. Tenerife usually comes to mind because it is only about four hours’ flight time from Europe. In under a day, you can travel to the island of eternal spring. When you land on the island, its pleasant traditional atmosphere welcomes you and it’s perfect for outdoor activities every day of the year; and if you have children, that’s crucial.


Theme parks for young and old

One of Tenerife’s big selling points for families are water theme parks. Siam Park in Costa Adeje, is the largest water park in Europe and the best in the world according to Travel Advisor. Inspired by the Kingdom of Siam, it offers incredible slides, tropical gardens and attractions like a large white sandy beach with an artificial wave pool. Loro Parque in Puerto de la Cruz, is one of those places you must visit. Penguins, gorillas, otters, sharks, and orcas … Nature in all its splendor in a unique area considered the best zoo in Europe also (also according to TripAdvisor).

There are very many more alternatives, for example in the south of the island. Families can roam around Jungle Park with all kinds of free flying exotic birds and birds of prey plus 500 species of animals and tunnels, bridges, waterfalls, lagoons and caves. For an adrenaline rush, it’s best to go racing at Karting de Tenerife.

Aqualand is a water park offering not only water attractions but also dolphin shows. If you want to feel like a true explorer, head for Pyramids of Güímar Ethnographic Park, which offers several routes outdoors where little ones have a very important mission: to unravel the secrets of the six ancient and mysterious stepped pyramids. If your kids feel like playing and having fun in the countryside, Forestal Park offers all family members the chance to swing on zip lines among towering pines of the Esperanza Mountains.


Who said museums weren’t fun? 

The Museum of Science and the Cosmos in La Laguna invites you to discover the fun part of science through experiments and gadgets that you can touch and play with. For those interested in the origin of the island’s indigenous culture, the Museum of Nature and Man in Santa Cruz displays well preserved mummies and pottery that belonged to the Guanches, the first settlers on the island.

Star gazing and whale watching


Kids will love seeing the stars while adults are fascinated by the unfathomable vastness of the universe. Tenerife, especially Teide National Park, is one of the best spots in the world for stargazing thanks to the clean air and purity of the sky. An original activity for the whole family especially if you hire the services of a specialized company with Starlight Guides offering expert knowledge, long-range telescopes and even dinner at high altitude. Teide National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is an attraction in itself for its volcanic landscapes that look like another planet. Dedicating one day to discover the park and the majestic volcano Mount Teide is a terrific idea and don’t miss a ride up the cable car to get close to the crater (you need a permit – apply online).

Another of the island’s star activities is the whale and dolphin watching. Just three miles off the southern coast of Tenerife live colonies of these adorable marine mammals. Hop on one of the boats that organize daily trips for an unforgettable and moving experience.


Wonderful, surprising spots

Tenerife’s coast is full of beaches north to south, ideal for a good swim in the waves or just to have fun making sand castles with a bucket and spade. If you prefer a relaxing dip, check out the eight spectacular natural pools at Martiánez sea-bathing lake in Puerto de la Cruz. Ideal for a different day out, there are great restaurants in and around this lovely old town.

On the island there are also some very original attractions. From the Palmetum in Santa Cruz, a true botanical garden with all kinds of plant species including an impressive collection of palm trees, to the Cueva del Viento (Icod), one of the largest volcanic tubes in the world thanks to its 17 kilometres of caves filled with silence and darkness.

Garachico 2

There are 4 and 5 star hotels galore with all the amenities and facilities for families – specially equipped rooms, children’s pools, play areas, plenty of entertainment activities and food that satisfies any palate, even the kids. Tenerife is irresistible for families.