Diving in Tenerife – La Rapadura

Diving in Tenerife  – La Rapadura

I was shocked when I saw the picture . Can’t even describe what is in the shot. But I can assure you that diving in Tenerife in La Rapadura, Santa Úrsula has to be one of those once in a life time experiences.

I don’t dive, even when I adore sports, I’ve been always afraid of diving but I can’t explain why. right after the  impresive photograh by Francis Pérez, double page, featured at National Geographic , with that small yellow point, Delioma González, by that giant group of rocks under the water, I just changed my mind.

I’m still afraid but I want madly to see what she saw, so I’m trying as soon as I can.

I posted the picture in our  facebook  fan page and everybody loved it. that was the best thing I’ve recently done, as because of sharing, I virtually met Juan Raya Rodríguez who was with Francis and Delioma  diving at La Rapadura making one of the most wonderful underwater videos I’ve ever seen .

So, please,  watch it and enjoy the marine kingdom we have in Tenerife

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