Seven Islands Film now has its own DIT Station

In collaboration with Why On Set, represented in the Canaries by Seven Islands Film 



There was only one service Seven Islands Film did not use to offer but now it does: a DIT Station. A very useful workstation for films shot with digital cameras. With this machine you have full control of the images shot while on set, thus saving a lot of time, work and money. You can check and manage files on the spot and it works with the best cameras in the market (ARRI Alexa, Red Dragon, Epic, etc.) using state of the art professional software (Scratch, DaVinci Resolve, etc.). It is operated by professional DIT freelancers from mainland Spain.  80% of the films shot in the Canary Islands in the last two years plus the shooting of many commercials have made the most of Seven Islands Film’s DIT Station.


For further information:

T. 00 34 922 274 457

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