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Film shooting in Tenerife brought over 9.6 million Euros in 2017

The Island welcomed 104 film productions last year, including 10 feature films

'Tiempos de guerra' shooting
‘Tiempos de guerra’ shooting


Tenerife was host to a total 104 national and international film productions, which brought more than 9.6 million Euros to the Island. These figures evidence the strength of Tenerife as a film location, thanks to its superb natural features, a powerful local film industry and very competitive tax incentives.

Special mention deserves the growth of the animation industry last year, which saw three new companies setting up business on the Island, which created over one hundred jobs. One more company is scheduled to establish in Tenerife, where they will hire a good number of local professionals within the next few months.

This situation is not the result of chance, as Cabildo de Tenerife has been committed to the film and animation sectors for years, as this sector has the potential to create qualified jobs on the Island, a line of work that falls within the Tenerife 2030 strategy, fostered by the Cabildo. The Island has managed to build a powerful ecosystem with a good combination of taxes, talent and quality of life plus the institutional support to the film industry.

According to the statistics of Tenerife Film Commission (TFC), the Turismo de Tenerife department in charge of promoting the Island as a film, commercials and photoshoots location, in 2017 the number of photoshoots totalled 40. Commercials amounted to 23; there were 18 TV programmes; and a total of 10 feature films were shot. There were also three short films, three documentaries, two music videos and four TV series. All in all, TFC answered 250 requests last year, while the total number of shooting days amounted to 635.

Expenditure on the Island ranges from 2,000 and 15,000 Euros per day for photoshoots for catalogues and advertising respectively, and 50,000 Euros per day can be spent in a TV commercial production. As for feature films, spend ranges from 20,000 to 35,000 Euros in European productions and can reach up to 350,000 in North American super productions. The 9.6 million Euros spent on the Island by film productions in 2017 are good for the tourism and film sectors, as this amount was spent in hiring equipment, crew, local talent, transport, accommodation, and maintenance, among others.

As for feature films, the Island welcomed the shootings of ‘El cuaderno de Sara’; ‘Sol a cántaros’, ‘Happy people’, ‘Apocalipsis Vodoo’, ‘Operación Concha’, ‘Yucatán’, ‘Platon’ and ‘Girls with balls’, in addition to the animation films ‘Tadeo Jones 2: Las aventuras del Rey Midas’ and ‘Las máquinas de vapor de Oz’. The series shot in 2017 include ‘Pro and Cons’, ‘Tiempos de guerra’, ‘Kill Skills’ and the second season of the animation series ‘Cleo’.



Last year the Cabildo fostered a training programme for the film sector with the collaboration of the Clúster Audiovisual and the Government of the Canary Islands, along with the support of Fundación MAPFRE Guanarteme, which trained a total of 87 students.

Some of the activities carried out include an executive production workshop; head of locations for film and advertising; light & grip technical workshop; film production in English; plus a session on administrative advice for the commercial production sector.  There was also a course on ‘Voice and dubbing’ by the Escuela de Actores and the company T-Lab which was attended by 22 people.

In addition to this and thanks to the funding of Fundación MAPFRE, more than 80 students were trained in different skills demanded by the animation companies that have set up on the Island.

New shootings

Tenerife will host the shooting of the film ‘La viajante’ in April, produced by Canaries company Digital 104. In May the feature film ‘Blanco en blanco’, by ‘El Viaje Films’ will start shooting. A few days ago, the production of the film for television ‘Vacaciones con amigos’ was finished. It brought 750,000 Euros to the Island. It will be premiered at prime time on the German TV channel ARD (which has the largest audience in the country).

On the other hand, work goes on for the second season of the animation series ‘Emmy & Gooroo’, a production service provided by Tenerife production company Tomavisión.

Last year Tenerife Film Commission agreed the sponsorship to hold the first Quirino Awards of Latin American Animation on the Island. The event will take place from 5 to 7 April in Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Tenerife Film Commission

Tenerife Film Commission offers production companies all the advice they may need on locations, permits and the services they may require while shooting on the Island. TFC has a total of 47-member companies, which means a 27 per cent increase and the creation of new categories like animation, drones, transport and logistics.

The wide range of areas suitable as film locations, including volcanic, subtropical, urban, coastal and marine landscapes within a very short distance, means the Island can double for many different places in the world in just a few kilometres. Technology and the network of local production companies, the tax advantages and incentives for productions and an privileged climate that allows shooting exteriors year-round, make up the attractions of Tenerife as an ideal film location.


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Tenerife hosts the shooting of the German film “A Family Holiday with Friends”

The film will be shot on location for a month and production-spend on Tenerife will be 750,000 Euros

©Daniell Bohnhof

The German television film, A Family Holiday with Friends, is shooting in Tenerife this month (from 21 February to 21 March). It is a 90-minute film produced by Bavaria Fiction, Degeto and the ARD television channel. Local production company Seven Islands Film is assisting and the Cabildo de Tenerife is supporting through Tenerife Tourism Corporation’s Film Commission.


The Cabildo Councillor for Tourism, Alberto Bernabé, explains that the shooting “will spend around 750,000 Euros on the island on accommodation, equipment rental or maintenance, proof of the important economic and promotional impact of this type of film shoots.” Mr. Bernabé added that this production, “confirms once again Tenerife’s value as a natural film set that suits all kinds of film productions, with a full network of highly experienced and professional service production companies plus incredible local talent.” The German crew is made up of some 30 people plus 50 professionals and a hundred local extras hired by Seven Islands Film.

The film will be premiered at prime time on the German TV channel ARD (which has the largest audience in the country). Six million people are expected to watch it, a figure that will be increased in subsequent screenings. This means a major promotion for the Island in its third tourism source market, which is only outranked by Great Britain and mainland Spain. The TV movie features some of the most stunning places on our Island, from the historic centre of La Orotava to the Chío forests, including Teide National Park, Santiago del Teide, Adeje, Arona, Guía de Isora or San Miguel de Abona. Some of the shots were taken from a helicopter.

©Daniell Bohnhof

A Family Holiday with Friends is a romantic comedy where two couples of friends and their children come to Tenerife for an idyllic holiday. They realize that despite their differences and dissimilar outlooks on life, friendship and love are their most precious possessions.


Quirino Awards

Registration for the Co-production Forum is now open

The first Quirino Latin American animation competition will be held from 6 to 8 April

Interested in taking part in the Quirino Awards co-production forum? You can make your provisional booking until 7 February and take part in B2B meetings, round tables, presentations on the state of the industry in Latin America we have put together to encourage co-production between studios and professionals on both sides of the Atlantic.

The awards are named after the creator of the first animation feature film, the Argentinean of Italian descent Quirino Cristiani, who in 1917 directed “El Apóstol”; an Argentinean production in which 58,000 hand-made drawings were used and shot in 35 mm, in addition to several scale models representing public buildings and the streets of Buenos Aires. His work was known even to Disney, who travelled to Argentina in 1941 for the premiere of “Fantasia”.

The Quirino Awards are sponsored by Turismo de Tenerife in collaboration with some of the major international animation events held in Latin America, like the Mexican Cuernavaca International Animation, Videogames and Comic Festival; the Spanish 3D Wire, International Animation, Videogames and New Media Market; and many other Latin American professionals.

More information at Quirino Awards website.


FICMEC, Canary Islands Filmmarket and Bridging the Gap

Next events in Tenerife


Between May and July, the Island will host a film festival, a co-production forum and an animation lab. The first one is the 19th International Environmental Film Festival of the Canary Islands (FICMEC) from 24 May to 4 June, a useful and thought-provoking proposal where the present blends with a contemporary look at the “environmental”, more difficult and problematic in itself.

At the end of June, it’s the turn of a renewed “Canary Islands International Filmmarket”, former Euroforum, a co-production forum for feature films, series and TV movies where 15 projects are chosen.

Finally, from 16 to 22 July “Bridging the Gap” will be the star. This is an intensive workshop for students with an advance level of animation and professionals from all over the world wanting to develop their own projects. With the help of industry experts, the aim is to learn how to launch new projects in the animation market successfully.


Further information on:

International Environmental Film Festival of the Canary Islands (FICMEC) www.ficmec.es

Canary Islands International Filmmarket (write to direccion@festeam.net)

Bridging the Gap www.thegap.com


12 film courses

They will be held in Tenerife in 2017


The producer María José Díez teaching executive production
The producer María José Díez teaching executive production

With the aim to improve specific training areas in the film sector and contribute to their development on the Island, Tenerife Film Commission has fostered twelve specialised courses on film, advertising and animation to be held in 2017. Their aim is to enhance the professional services provided on the Island.

This is why we, along with the Government of the Canary Islands, promote the workshops offered by the Clúster Audiovisual de Canarias on independent executive production, head of locations, make–up for film and TV plus grip and lighting. These courses have the collaboration of TEA, Espacio de las Artes de Tenerife and the MAPFRE Guanarteme Foundation.

Regarding animation, thanks to the funding of the MAPFRE Guanarteme Foundation, 8 high-level courses will be held in 2017 specialising in 3D animation, VFX and videogame development. They are grouped in four areas:

  • Two courses on directing, managing and project making: Expert in Shotgun and Pipeline TD
  • Four on production: Modelling and anatomy Zbrush; Rigger; Lighting and Animacting
  • One on postproduction: VFX expert (Visual effects)
  • And one on videogames: Shaders Unity 3D development

For further information on the film courses, please write to cursos@webclac.org and for the animation courses write to hello@whytenerife.com



We’ll be at Marché du Film, Mifa and Cannes Lions

We’d like to meet with you


Tenerife, one of the Canary Islands, offers a wide range of options to shoot all kinds of films. We’d love to see you and give you ad hoc first-hand information for your commercial, animation or drama feature film. That’s why we are going to the three most relevant film events in producers’ agendas this spring.

We’ll be at the Marché du Film, in Cannes Film Festival, where you can find us at the Audiovisual from Spain booth (Riviera, A5) from 21 to 24 May.

For animation projects, we’ll be going to MIFA, the market at Annecy International Animation Film Festival also in France. You can find us at the Canary Islands booth from 13 to 16 June. On Thursday 15, a territorial FOCUS will be held where the main studios and professionals from the Islands will be present.

And finally, from 20 to 22 June, we’ll be meeting advertising production companies at Cannes Lions, where we’re sponsoring the Cannes Soirée event on Wednesday, 21 June.

We’re attending all these events under the umbrella “Canary Islands Film”, an initiative of the Government of the Canary Islands.

For an appointment, please write to Concha Díaz, Tenerife Film Commission Co-ordinator at film@webtenerife.com and for animation projects write to Zulay Rodríguez at hello@whytenerife.com

Our phone number is +34 647346462.

We’ll be at MIPCOM

Let’s meet from 17 to 20 October


For the first time Tenerife Film Commission will be at MIPCOM—the market for television content, in Cannes (France)—. The 35 % tax rebate is also applicable to TV series and we’ll be happy to explain how it works to production companies and TV channels. Please write to film@webtenerife.com for an appointment or call +34 647346462.



Studio Indie Capital Partners is travelling to Bucarest

Studio Indie Production is in charge of the new film by Jesús del Cerro which was shot in Romania


In the wake of the new Romanian cinema, “Uruguay” is a beautiful love story packed with thrill and excitement in the city of Bucharest.

“URUGUAY” is the seventh film from Spanish director and producer Jesús del Cerro. It is a cross-generational story set in Nicolae Ceaucescu’s communist Romania. The film develops around the lives of humble working-class Andrei and his family in the city of Bucharest. It was shot in February 2016, four weeks in Bucharest and one more week on the bank of the Danube, in Orsova, Romania.
Jesús del Cerro directed, produced and wrote this film along with actor and producer Dragos Bucur and the help of Centrul National al Cinematografiei (CNC). Dragos Bucur (Andrei) and actress Cristina Flutur (Ioana) played the main roles. The script was co-written with Manuel Feijoo, Beatriz González Cruz and Ruxandra Ghitescu.
DRAGOS BUCUR (Andrei) is one of the most highly regarded actors in Romania, having worked in more than thirty films and been awarded several prizes for best actor, including two GOPO, one BAFIC, three UCIN and the “Timica” Prize at the Young Actor Gala. Dragos is also a producer, and has produced films like ‘Doua Luzuri”, co-produced with Studio Indie, or ‘LoveBuilding’. He has also worked in international productions like `The Way Back’, directed by Peter Weir and ‘Wallander’ with Kenneth Branagh.
CRISTINA FLUTUR (Iona) made an extraordinary debut in 2012 in the film ‘Más allá de las colinas’ playing Alina Ringhis. She won the Best Actress Award for her performance in this film at Cannes Film Festival in 2012.
JESÚS DEL CERRO (Director) is a Spanish director and producer based both in Madrid and Bucharest. His previous films include ‘Carlitos y el Campo de los Sueños’ winner of Best Film and the Audience Award in Giffoni (the most important children and youth film festival in the world); ‘Nasa’ (winner of the GOPO, Romanian film best box-office in 2012) or ‘S-a Furat Mireasa’ (‘Han Robado a la Novia’). His TV series include ‘Un paso Adelante’, the most international Spanish series which has been sold to more than 60 countries; ‘Policías, en el corazón de la calle’; ‘Médico de Familia’ or ‘Compañeros’.
Synopsis: the story takes place in 1988, in Nicolae Ceaucescu’s communist Romania, one of the bloodiest dictatorships in the Soviet bloc. Andrei and his family live in Bucharest, in a small Government-owned apartment. Every day, Vasile, Andrei’s father, expects to get a message but nothing ever comes. One day, the family gets a letter from Uruguay… Is it the message he longed for so much?

The film is currently being edited and is expected to be ready by the end of the year. The production company intends to show it at festivals in early 2017 and then release it at the end of the year.

To know more about Studio Indie, click here. 

FIMUCITÉ celebrates its tenth anniversary

From 23 September to 1 October


The International Film Music Festival of Tenerife (FIMUCITÉ) is turning ten and in these past years has managed to position itself in the international calendar as a key event in the sphere of film soundtracks. Its guests this year include HowardShore, composer of the music for “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy. The closing concert will be dedicated to him. The two theme lines of the festival, as shown in the official poster, are the main science fiction productions, from “Star Wars” to “Star Trek”, under the generic title “Space Opera: a journey to the stars”, and the work by Howard Shore, who penned the score for “Lord of the Rings” and “The Hobbit”.

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