Volcano’s feature films keep going

‘Desamparados’ and ‘Puenting’ were both directed by women


The documentary feature ‘Desamparados’, directed by María Cuenca and produced by Volcano Films, Ulula Films and O Camiño Films with the collaboration of Televisión Canaria, is still being screened. After premiering at TEA in February, it went to Seville (Plaza de Armas Shopping Centre Cinemas, in collaboration with the NGO Crecer con Futuro), and then on to Adeje Cultural Centre. On 20 September it will be screened in Fundación Caja Sol (Seville), and on 1 October in El Matadero, Madrid.

The experimental feature ‘Puenting’, directed by Bibiana Monje, is in the last stages of postproduction. The experiment in this film relies on there being no script during the pre-production stage, in the blending of film genres and in the experiences of the characters/actors during the shoot. The main topic is the responsibility of daring to get what one wants, a metaphor that is implied in the making of the film itself. It portrays the process and the characters’ reaction to the suggestion of “leaping into the void”, creating a reality half way between wakefulness and dream.

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