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The Escuela de Actores Lecuona launches a diploma course in ‘Performing. Training in film, tv and theatre’

A 2-year course plus a 1-year master

The Escuela de Actores Lecuona [Lecuona Drama School], based in Tenerife, now offers a two-year course on film, TV and theatre for future actors, in addition to a third year (master) of training with the best casting directors in the country.

In this school students learn and work with prestigious teachers and directors from the spheres of theatre, film, tv and casting. From day one, the course has a hands-on approach to film, tv and theatre. All the students will be included in the national management agency AMC Representación to go in for professional work.

The first year consists of acquiring teamwork habits and commitment to the play and to oneself. Learning different rehearsal techniques for film and TV. Controlling performance according to type of shot and camera lens. Shooting interior and exterior scenes and short films.

In the second year the focus will be on improving film performance and entering the work market by working with casting directors.

The third year is devoted to film training, reinforced with different special sessions devoted to performing, casting, coaching, etc.

To access these courses, candidates must be at least 18 years old and they must pass the admission test, which consists of an interview and a test in which candidates must perform a monologue chosen by the school to suit the student’s profile. This monologue will be from film or TV and will be performed in front of the camera.

More info and enrolment on:


T.00 34 922 27 63 00




Stunts Leal Group is backed by The Stunt Club in the Canaries

Canarian film industry is now stronger as the services offered by the stunt team are widen

The Canarian stunt group connected to Canary Pictures Vehicles, Stunt Leal Group, is now part of The Stunt Club, which is one of the major stunt companies in Spain. They have worked in action scenes in international productions like Terminator: Dark Fate, Skyfall, World War Z, A monster comes to see me, Rambo V: Last Blood, Elite, Vis a Vis, La Isla Mínima or The Impossible.

The most recent productions Stunts Leal Group has worked in include national films like Salir del ropero, El silencio del pantano, 4 latas, and series of the digital platform Netflix such as Las chicas del cable or La casa de papel.

Canarian film industry is enriched by the new services offered by Stunts Leal Group, and it means production companies will now have a more direct, simple way of hiring this type of services.

  • 400 metres of Truss
  • Security material and equipment hire for action scenes
  • Bonzos
  • Training actors for action scenes
  • Preparing extras for action scenes
  • Action Coordination
  • Horse department for action scenes and stunt riders for horseback scenes
  • Developing action scenes and firearm tactics
  • Water scenes, underwater equipment and zodiac
  • Different periods fencing
  • Parkour
  • Qualified Stunt drivers
  • Stunts for different action scenes
  • Heights (jumping, falling…)
  • Security and risk control in action scenes
  • Stunt rigging
  • Scene vehicles and logistics support in collaboration with Canary Pictures Vehicles

More info on:

T. 00 34 622 062 266

Mipcom, Content London, and Focus, our iconic fall events

Producers on the island will also attend


The Tenerife Film Commission will be present at these three important European audio-visual industry events under the promotional umbrella ‘Canary Islands Film’, The first event, Mipcom, will be held on October 15-18 in Cannes (France). Our staff will be available at the ‘Canary Islands Film’ table, located at the Audio-visual stand representing Spain (R7.11), to discuss information on 40%-45% tax incentives for production companies, opportunities for animation endeavours, locations and audio-visual material rentals. They will also assist in contacting local producers such as Tomavision and Mina Films & Communication, among others.


We will focus on the television series sector in November. This time, from November 27-30, Canary Islands Film will be present at Content London, United Kingdom. And, also in London, at FOCUS, on December 4-5. The meeting place for International Productions, at the Canary Islands Film stand, we will provide information on Tenerife as a location for all kinds of audio-visual projects.

For appointments and more info contact us:

Tenerife Film Commission

0034 647 346 462



‘Wonder Woman 1984’ and ‘Blanco en blanco’, two very different films just shot in Tenerife

From the end of September to the beginning of October, a Hollywood production, through Sur Film, and the most delicate signature cinema have come together on the Island

'Blanco en blanco' shooting  in Tenerife, Canary Islands
‘Blanco en blanco’ shooting in Tenerife, Canary Islands


Sur Film has been the Tenerife service production company responsible for bringing the shooting of Wonder Woman 1984 to Spain. The shooting period made in Spain has been completed in different areas of Isla Baja and Anaga in Tenerife during the last week of September and the first week of October. Once again, the movie stars Gal Gadot, and will be directed by Patty Jenkins, the first woman to direct a major blockbuster. The main cast includes Kristen Wiig, who will play the film’s main villain, Cheetah; and Chris Pine, playing his role again as Steve Trevor.

Meanwhile, the producer El Viaje Films, also from Tenerife, has co-produced the feature film Blanco en blanco by director Theo Court. This Chilean-Spanish production, with international awards for development, tells a story in Tierra del Fuego. For ten days, magnificent locations in Tenerife such as Teno Alto and the Teide National Park have served as a stage, recreating the desolate landscapes of the Chilean Patagonia. It has also been shot in Garachico due to its iconic colonial architecture.

Blanco en blanco is set in Tierra del Fuego in the prelude of the twentieth century, when the marriage of an omnipotent landowner is about to take place, who has violently snatched his land from the natives. A photographer arrives here, at the furthest corner of the earth, to immortalize the ceremony. The bride to be, a girl who is traveling with him, becomes his obsession. An obsession that leads him to seal a pact where in exchange for betraying power, he can enjoy the innocent beauty of the girl.  After losing his privileges for his betrayal, his relationship with the world of images goes beyond eroticism, delving deeper and deeper into a society that coexists with the genocide of the Ona people, becoming an accomplice through his pictures.

Over the following months we will see Tenerife on the big screen in two cinematographic productions as different as they are suggestive.

More info at Tenerife Film Commission








Diptica Photography opens studios in Helsinki and Stockholm

Opening in mid-October


Diptica Photography will open new studios in Helsinki and Stockholm on October 15, 2018. The addition of these two studios to those already operating in Tenerife and the Dominican Republic, Diptica Photography will produce photos and videos in a fantastic variety of landscapes, climates and cities, all year round.

More info at:

Diptica Photography

C/ Tegueste, 2 – Local 4 – Los Olivos 38670 Adeje

Tel.: 0034 676 91 07 20


Location One Islas Canarias expands its fleet

It now offers a new all-terrain vehicle for on-set vacuuming and cleaning

Location One Islas Canarias continues to grow. Thanks to their fleet of 4×4 vehicles, they can reach the most unusual places. These vehicles can now carry the most appropriate equipment for on-set vacuuming and cleaning. This unit is perfect for emptying honeywagons, Portaloo toilets, motorhomes or artist trailers on location.

More info at

Location One Islas Canarias

Tel.: 0034 627 16 52 44

La Laguna Historical Film Festival turning into a benchmark

It will take place from October 31 to November 4 in La Laguna, Tenerife

History and cinema go hand in hand for the third consecutive year through the launching of the third edition of the La Laguna Historical Film Festival (FICHLA). This proposal by Festeam Comunicación y Eventos S.L. positions the city of La Laguna as a benchmark for this audio-visual genre.  A selection of content becoming increasingly prominent as a source of inspiration for creative people, and also widely accepted by the audience.  The event will take place from October 31 to November 4 at Espacio Cultural Aguere, in La Laguna.

This project is supported once more by the Local Government of San Cristobal de La Laguna, through the Department of Historical Heritage, as well as by Government of the Canary Islands through the Directorate General of Cultural Heritage.


This time, FICHLA acknowledges history, focusing its theme on the 50th anniversary of the death of Martin Luther King.


The big news this year is that two competitions will take place, one focused on feature films and, the other one, on documentaries.  The winners will get the “Witness of History 2018” prize, valued at 1,000 euros.

FICHLA 2018 enters into a historical agreement

Festeam Communication and Events S.L. has entered into an agreement with the prestigious History Channel. Through this collaboration, FICHLA’s management has obtained the exclusive European rights to one of the most anticipated documentaries: “Rise Up: The Movement That Changed America” (also known as “MLK Assassination: 50th Anniversary Special”).

FICHLA will also host the “The Struggle of Lyndon B. Johnson” exhibition, reflecting the hard work by the US president in the battle for racial equality in North America.


More awards with a taste of history

Series with historical content will also be present in this edition.  With the premise of continuing to promote creations of historical content, FICHLA 2018 will grant an award to the prestigious Spanish series “Tiempos de Guerra,” (Times of War) by Atresmedia Televisión and produced in cooperation with Bambú Producciones.

More info at www.fichla.com 

The circular economy acceleration program will be held in Tenerife

It will take place on November 5-9, and 15 entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to participate



Dyrecto Consultores organizes the 40th edition of Mentor Day, which this year is aimed at companies related to circular economy and recycling concepts, and they will receive free support and advice over a five-day period.  It will be an opportunity to meet with 70 experts who will individually review the projects related to circular economy.

Mentor Day focuses on this new program, which is held in Tenerife for companies from both Spain and other countries, to encourage innovation focused on circular economy. It seeks to bring together companies working on circular economy concepts, technology companies, and startups, to promote the exchange of ideas and the development of disruptive products and processes in the industry.

During the acceleration week, members of the selected projects will have personalized expert mentoring and networking activities aimed at facilitating their inclusion and subsequent growth in the market.

It is an excellent opportunity to overcome difficulties with the help of leading specialists in financing, law, business, branding, IP, insurance, marketing, sales, strategy, and business models.

More information at:

Dyrecto Consultores

Tel.: 0034 922 88 23 60


Volcano Films dips into the production of two new feature films

‘La viajante’ and ‘Hombres de leche’ are the titles of these fascinating Canaries projects

Moment of shooting ‘La viajante’

Volcano Films, a veteran Canaries production company, is shooting two feature films in 2018 packed with Canaries talent. The first film, La viajante, directed by Miguel Mejías and co-produced by Digital 104 and Volcano Films, is currently being shot. Tenerife, Gran Canaria and Fuerteventura are the perfect locations for this story. Hombres de leche is in pre-production and is directed by Canaries David Pantaleón. This is the first feature of a director whose talent shines in the many short films he has shot.

Ángela, the heroine in La viajante is thirty-something. Her life is dull and quiet, always by the side of her sick mother. When she dies, Ángela aimlessly takes to the road, going across lonely landscapes. During her journey, she meets a mysterious man, Miquel. They decide to travel north together, in a quiet understanding. They spend their last night at a road bar, El ansia de infinitud, a run-down place for lonely night souls. Following a heated argument, Miquel reveals the true reasons behind his journey.

Hombres de leche is a present-day story of two brothers, the sons of the most important goat breeder and cheese producer in the north of the Island of Fuerteventura, don Guillermo Cabrera. The three of them fell out years ago. When their father dies, they learn that in order to have access to the inheritance, their father’s last will was for the two of them to take the goat herd to the other end of the island and give it to Don Oswaldo, the most important goat breeder and cheese producer in the south and Don Guillermo’s main rival. The film will be shot in Tenerife too.

Both films received funds from the Government of the Canary Islands and the crew is made up of Canaries professionals. The cast in Hombres de leche is also from the islands.

More information at:


0034 922 28 51 60