Good news for ‘Cleo’, by La Casa Animada

This Canaries series has been nominated for the Quirino Awards

The 2D animation series ‘Cleo’, fully made in the Canary Islands by La Casa Animada, has just started their second season on Clan TV, and has been nominated to the Latin American Animation Quirino Awards to be held in Tenerife on 6 and 7 April 2018.

The first season was broadcast on the same channel in 2015 and it ranked second in Clan TV shows and first in the pre-school series of the channel, at a time when Clan is leader in children audience in Spain.

The second season has been co-produced with RTVE and includes interactive games on their website. We do hope it is as successful as the first season.

La Casa Animada is currently developing the third season that is packed with new things. The company has already started different collaborations to make the series a highly innovative product that would place it as a reference for informal transmedia education.

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