In Tenerife, we are committed to animation

We’re attending the Kidscreen in Miami and the Cartoon Movie in Bordeaux.

Why has the number of animation production companies grown exponentially on the Island in the last year? We’ll tell you why and the advantages that make Tenerife an increasingly attractive place for animation projects. Yours could be next! We´ll be happy to help you at any of the following events: Kidscreen Summit, from 12 to 15 February in Miami and at the Cartoon Movie in Bordeaux (France), from 7 to 9 March.

In Tenerife, production companies can enjoy tax incentives of a 40% deduction for foreign productions or 45-40% of tax credit for Spanish productions or co-productions, plus the chance to pay just 4% Corporate Income Tax for companies setting up on the Island thanks to the Canaries Special Zone (ZEC) —the rate in the rest of the country is at 25%—.

In addition to these advantages, producers can also source local talent on the Island, a wide range of specialised companies and technological tools like the Teide HPC supercomputer -the second most powerful in Spain- that makes rendering so much easier. But this is not all. In addition, Tenerife offers the possibility of working in a pleasant relaxing place, at the ideal temperature, surrounded by unique scenery and many leisure options while enjoying an executive professional atmosphere and daily air connections to the main cities in Mainland Spain and Europe.

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