Tenerife, ready to welcome shoots

Shootings were re-started in May while animation has kept active

Tenerife is now ready to welcome shootings after the health crisis caused by Covid-19. The Canaries are one of the Spanish regions with the least cases and are currently in an advance phase towards the ‘new normal’.

The Spanish Government has created legislative certainty and determined the safety conditions to be applied in studio and on location shootings. Also, the Instituto de la Cinematografía y de las Artes Audiovisuales (ICAA) has published a guide Guía de Buenas Prácticas de Medidas Especiales’ en rodajes durante el COVID-19. [Guide to Special Measures Good Practice in shootings during the COVID-19]

In Tenerife, permissions to shoot in protected natural areas, beaches and public spaces have already been granted. In May, a nature documentary was shot while in June there will be some shoots in streaming to confirm clients that this system is effective. One of these shoots is Mil planetas with production company Boudika Productions, sound company Canary Film Sound, post-production firm Blackout Films, streaming company Sinergy Stream plus The Boss trucks and caravans and the cameras of Camera Rental Canarias.

The animation phenomenon

Meanwhile, animation productions were able to go on working remotely for some weeks and are now gradually going back to their offices. In Tenerife there are eight animation studios, many of which are part of the Tenerife Isla Cartoon brand.

Local production companies and services

Now more than ever, we kindly advise you to hire the highest number of the very experienced local professionals and services. You can find all the contact details of Tenerife Film Commission member companies.

National and international tourist travelling

The Spanish Government has announced that from the end of June national holiday travel will be allowed and, starting 1 July, international tourists can come to Spain.  They will travel in safety conditions and will not need to go on quarantine. The national government has informed that they are working with its European partners to establish opening rules, which must be gradual and coordinated among all the regions with a similar epidemiologic situation.

Regarding airlines, the EASA has published a set of recommendations you can see here.

Tourist accommodation establishments can open and in the common areas must follow the measures below:

Conditions to reopen hotel common areas

Common areas in hotels and tourist accommodation establishments can be re-opened provided that they do not exceed a third of their capacity. Each establishment must determine the capacity of each common area and of the places that can house events as well as the safest conditions to carry them out, according to the estimated maximum capacity in agreement with the hygiene, protection and minimum distance measures established.

Closed spaces where events or entertainment activities are to be held, and gyms, must be aired for two hours before use.

Entertainment activities or group classes must be designed and planned for a maximum of twenty people. The minimum safety distance among participants and with the entertainer or coach must be observed. Otherwise, they must wear masks. Entertainment activities or group classes will ideally be carried out in the open air and swapping objects is to be avoided.

Objects and materials used in the entertainment activities must be disinfected after use. Hydroalcoholic gels or viricidal disinfectants authorized by and registered in the Health Ministry must be available as well as disinfectant for surfaces.

Also, regarding swimming pools and spas the establishment will determine the guidelines and recommendations of use according to the prevention and hygiene regulations issued by the health authorities.

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