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Tenerife Film Commission promotes Tenerife as an ideal territory for live action and increasingly for the production of animation feature films and series, videogame development and postproduction and VFX.​

Tenerife Film Commission is therefore your first stop in the Canary Islands region, as it provides relevant information and assistance to both domestic and international studios and companies regarding financing, tax incentives, talent, training, available facilities and infrastructure along with any other aspects that may arise throughout the entire set up process.

Besides offering assistance to set up, introduction to local partners and - where possible - logistic support, Tenerife Film Commission helps with designing ad hoc training for job candidates and coordinating contacts between the producer and other city or regional departments involved.

It is the aim of the Tenerife Film Commision to offer a trouble-free and rewarding landing period for parties involved. Our selling points include:

  • The Spanish Tax system for Audiovisual production, one of the highest of its kind worldwide (35-40%)
  • Highly qualified technical staff that speak several languages
  • Full state-of-the-art animation and rendering facilities
  • Highly competitive pricing
  • Studios experienced in servicing domestic and international projects
  • A wide variety of offices and facilities and great work-life balance
  • An extensive regional support policy for animation, videogame development, VFX

Tenerife Film Commission is Vice-President of the Spain Film Commission , member of the European Film Commissions Network (EUFCN), and partner of the Spanish Animation Associations’ Federation (Diboos) and the Spanish Videogame Developers Association (dev) .


Already in Tenerife!

There are studios and service providers that have set up and are already experiencing the benefits Tenerife has to offer

People Moving Pixels


Address: C/Villalba Hervás 2, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Santa Cruz 38002

Play Medusa

Sector: Videogames


Direct line: 00 34 649 230 882

Address: Tenerife, Canary Islands


Sector: Videogames


Direct line: 00 34 662 505 949

Address: Avda. Trinidad 61, 38204 La Laguna, Tenerife


Sector: Render


Direct line: 00 34 922 22 47 40

Address: Calle Añavingo 24, Bajo A5 38009, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Tenerife

SummuS Render

Sector: Render


Direct line: 00 34 91 7311585

Address: Calle Albasanz 14 BIS, 2ºH, 28037 Madrid