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The landscape of the coastlines of the island of Tenerife is as attractive as it is varied. Huge cliffs, wild beaches of black volcanic sand, natural crystal-clear pools of water, coastlines full of hidden beaches with golden sands… The range of options to relax and sunbathe is endless on the island of eternal spring. Beauty spots that also offer you the chance to enjoy the coastline of Tenerife in a more active and dynamic fashion by practising fun and healthy water sports such as kayaking and stand up paddle boarding. A perfect combination of sport and tourism.

A wonderful mild climate that bathes the island of Tenerife means that you can enjoy the coast and the sea all year round. The summer temperature tends to be around 26-30 degrees centigrade, depending on the area you are in, and around 22-26 degrees in the winter. What luxury!

The sea temperature is slightly cooler as the Canary Islands are in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. This is influenced by the warm currents that arrive from the Gulf of Mexico to the south and by fresher water that descends from the north. The combination of these two currents – warm and cold – creates a pleasant sea temperature all year round of about 20 degrees. In the months of September and October, the sea reaches a very pleasant temperature for bathing of around 24 degrees. The months of February and March tend to be the coldest months for swimming, with an average sea temperature of around 18 degrees.

The pleasant climate and good sea temperatures, together with calm seas characterised by gentle waves for most of the year, mean that aquatic activities can be practised all year round in Tenerife, making summer eternal.

The offer of water sports in Tenerife is highly varied. Among these, two simple activities stand out where the use of a paddle is fundamental – kayaking and stand up paddle boarding. Both activities are highly recommended both for beginners and for the more experienced, particularly taking into account the wonderful landscapes that magically envelop you.

Kayaking in Tenerife

One coastal area in particular stands out in Tenerife for the rhythmic passage of setting out in a colourful kayak. There is probably no more scenic backdrop on the island to practise this sport than the impressive cliffs that go by the name of Los Gigantes.

The cliffs of Los Gigantes are located on the western side of the island of Tenerife, on the massif of Teno. This is one of the oldest parts of Tenerife, with highly recommended views. Places like Teno Alto, Santiago del Teide, Masca … allow us to travel back in time and enjoy some of the older customs and traditions on the island. Los Gigantes rise between hamlets, legends and tales of old.

As we get closer to the coastline of Teno, Los Gigantes present themselves as huge volcanic walls, with an average estimated age of 5-8 million years, which rise to some 600 metres above sea level. The waters that lull against the base of these giants are known for being calm and transparent, like a large swimming pool to enjoy the magnificent views in a more active fashion, by paddling in pair, as a family or by yourself.

The procedure is simple. You just need to choose an individual or double kayak. Once outside of the Los Gigantes marina, you can start to enjoy the pleasant temperature of the sea and the air caressing your body. Feel how the warm sun starts to tan your skin as your heart beat rises while paddling rhythmically beneath the cliffs.

This physical activity is totally rewarded with a pleasant, fresh dip in the sea, stretching your whole body under the crystal-clear waters on the west coast of the island of Tenerife. Don’t forget to take goggles or a face mask to practise snorkelling. A unique experience.

Stand up Paddle Boarding in Tenerife

We cross to the other side of the island of Tenerife on a course to the massif of Anaga, on the east coast, to practise another equally recommendable aquatic activity on the island. The green and leafy summits of Anaga, affected most of the year by the trade winds, are transformed as they drop to sea level. The northern coastline of Anaga is cliffy and wild. The southern coastline, often sunny and calm, is a paradise that boasts a beach with golden sands that has featured on the front cover of several international magazines.

Las Teresitas beach in Santa Cruz de Tenerife is the capital’s beach. Located in the neighbourhood of San Andrés (some 9 km from Santa Cruz), Las Teresitas is particularly attractive because of the deep golden colour of its sand. A wonderful and unique beach on the island of Tenerife, the origin of which is the nearby Sahara Desert.

Fine golden sand, tropical palm trees and a pretty volcanic cliff as the backdrop turn this island enclave into yet another film set. Las Teresitas stands out from other beaches in Tenerife for its calm waters most of the year round. A place that offers you the chance to enjoy some more stimulating activity than just sunbathing – stand up paddle boarding. 

The gentle waves at Las Teresitas are ideal for practising this sport. A very straight-forward activity to enjoy as it does not require peak physical fitness although you need to work on your balance as this is a key part of the sport. Staying upright on a board as it sways on the sea’s surface, while just using one paddle, is a gratifying and highly satisfactory experience.

Crossing the water by kayak or enjoying a stand up paddle board are two that are highly recommended activities on the island of Tenerife, in contact with nature while enjoying the incredible views from the sea and feeling the sea breeze on your face is a difficult experience to beat or indeed forget. Go for it!

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