Archipiélago Renting expands its fleet

Archipiélago Renting, renowned for its expertise in renting commercial vehicles for audiovisual productions, is adding three refrigerated vehicles to its fleet of over 1,300 vehicles, which includes vans, mini-buses, nine-seater vehicles, and SUVs.

This decision is part of Archipiélago Renting’s fleet renewal policy, which is carried out approximately every four years, ensuring a modern and efficient fleet in line with its commitment to providing high-quality services.

These new refrigerated vehicles meet the growing demand for transportation of perishable and temperature-sensitive products, offering Archipiélago Renting’s customers a safe and modern option for their logistical needs.

With these latest additions, Archipiélago Renting reaffirms its commitment to quality in the commercial vehicle rental sector, providing transportation solutions that adapt to the specific needs of each client in the audiovisual industry.

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