Entry to the island with film equipment

All filming equipment coming into the Canaries for a shoot should come with an ATA carnet. The ATA carnet is a document used in temporary imports and it is the easiest way of transporting equipment and it saves time and money. The carnet is issued by the Chamber of Commerce of the country of origin. The exporter must provide a list of all the goods travelling and state their value. A percentage of the declared value of the goods must be paid as a deposit which can be either in cash or with a bank guarantee.

The carnet is valid for one year and you must make sure that customs stamps it on the way in and on the way out; otherwise the Chamber of Commerce will not return the deposit. For further information, you can visit or contact a specialized Customs Agency HERE.

  • Goods travelling as luggage:

Goods from these countries must have their ATA carnet stamped at the airport or ports customs.
At Tenerife South Reina Sofía Airport, the customs offices are at the Cargo Terminal. Opening hours: Mon-Fri, from 08:00 to 15:00. Tel: 00 34 922 39 20 63. Outside these hours, please contact the Guardia Civil office in the arrivals and departures terminals respectively. Tel.: 00 34 922 75 93 25/3
At Tenerife North Los Rodeos Airport, the customs offices are opposite the cargo terminal. Opening hours: Mon-Fri from 09:00 to 14:00. Tel: 00 34 922 47 36 88. Outside these hours, please contact the Civil Guard office in the arrivals and departures terminals respectively. Tel.: 00 34 922 63 59 12

At the port, visit the Guardia Civil office.   

  • Goods travelling as Cargo:

These goods must also come with Ata carnet . In this case we strongly recommend hiring a customs agency to deal with all the procedures. Check HERE specialized customs Agency.

Daily dispatch of exposed film (for development in mainland Spain): 

The film is sent by courier. In order for it to arrive as soon as possible, the package should reach the courier office not later than 17:00 hours. The package must come with a proforma invoice which can be obtained at the courier office or at the Tenerife Film Commission office. The film must go through customs so it will not in most cases reach the lab until after midday.