Canary Islands International Film Market

Santa Cruz de Tenerife | July

EuroForum, now Canary Islands International Film Market was set up in 2003 with the aim of being the meeting point of producers, distributors and other European funding sources to encourage the co-production of feature films for the European and international markets.

The main goal of this European forum is for the most relevant projects in Europe to take part in it thus contributing to the development of the film industry while at the same time we try to position ourselves as one of the most important meeting points of international filmmaking.

In the current situation of the European film industry this event is a useful tool to explore new funding opportunities for filmmaking.

How does it work?
In order to give each project the necessary attention and space there is a limited number of projects which are invited to participate. The main criteria are the quality of the projects aimed at the international market and the talent of directors and producers.
The final selection tries to strike a balance between commercial and more creative projects, which must all be either recent or unreleased, be in the development phase and have not looked into all the possible means of funding.

The best European production, distribution and sales companies are invited to participate, either by presenting their own projects which could opt for a co-production or as investors.

Who takes part?
  • Production companies with projects: all those companies which wish to take part with a project that can be co-produced.
  • International Distributors: companies which may want to purchase TV rights. 
  • Production companies or potential partners: Companies which can get financially involved in the projects taking part at the Forum.

The organization puts together the information provided (synopsis, technical details, funding, etc.) which circulates among the potential project partners. They will decide whether or not to take part in the event depending on, to a large extent, what they learn from the dossier. Later, the potential partners will indicate expressly the companies they wish to hold a bilateral meeting with and, according to the information received, the organization sets a meeting schedule for all participants.

 EuroForum, now CIIF Market is open to projects for feature films, TV movies and TV series:
  • From any European country
  • In every stage of development
  • Recent and with possibilities to be explored
  • Funding sources
  • Viable in terms of production
  • Addressing the international market

EuroForum, now CIIF Market, in its short life, has proven to be one of the most effective co-production markets. More than thirty feature films produced in the past few years, with an overall investment of some 60 million Euros, held their first meetings at this market.

Canary Islands International Film Market