Miradas-Doc. Guía de Isora International Documentary Festival and Market

Guía de Isora | November

The subject matter of the documentaries should be social, political, cultural, anthropological or environmental/ecological. Furthermore, the productions may include reflections on human rights, culture, gender, or matters such as the eradication of poverty, the elimination of child labour, environmental conservation, education for everyone or freedom of expression.

This festival accepts any audiovisual format, non-fiction (by writers creation, experimental documentary or trial programme, diary films, collage, etc) with no length of duration restrictions.

Miradas-Doc Market is the most important gathering of documentary-makers in the south of Europe. It is mainly aimed at production companies and documentary-makers from Africa, South America and Asia who are developing audiovisual projects and are looking for financing or at those finished productions looking to distribute or exhibit on television.
There is also a great participation by European productions whose subject matter is about Africa, South America or Asia, or North-South relations.
The Miradas-Doc Market programme includes: One to One Pitching-Meeting; Screening; Master classes and professional round table discussions.