Premios Quirino

From 27th to 29th May 2021, La Laguna

The Quirino prizes have been created to satisfy the need for prizes which recognise the talent in the Latin American animation industry, generating links and networks between the two sides of the Ocean.

The event brings together the flourishing Latin American industry with those of Portugal, Andorra and Spain to set up a real brotherhood which favours the development of the great Latin American market.

In parallel to the awards ceremony, the Latin American co-production and business forum is organized according to the need to create links between companies in order to co-produce, co-develop and work at the Ibero-American level.

It has a format composed by work tables and B2B meetings where companies have great prominence and access to the main Ibero-American agents. To broaden horizons and draw bridges, companies from outside Ibero-America are invited to participate with a special focus on Europe.