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50-45% Tax Rebate for Foreign Productions

Twenty points above the rest of Spain
40% de deducción para producciones extranjeras
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Producers with tax residence in the Canary Islands that are in charge of a foreign film production are entitled to a 50-45% tax rebate on expenditure in Spain, capped to 18 million Euros (the maximum base of deduction is in 39,888,888 Euros)*. As a requirement, those productions must spend at least 1 millon euros on elegible costs during shooting or 200.000€ on postproduction or animation, always in Spanish territory.
The Spanish film incentive (1,3, 5 and 6) of a 30% deduction for the first million Euros and 25% from the second million of the expenditure with a limit of 10 million Euros is improved in the Canary Islands thanks to the Canarian Economic and Tax System (2 and 4). This percentage increases 20 points, reaching 50% for the first million Euros, 45% from the second million and the limit increases to 18 million Euros*.
What type of production qualifies for the allowance?
Foreign productions of feature films or audiovisual works that permit the making of a hardware prior to its industrial production.

What costs can be included in the tax allowance?
The following expenses made in Spain which are directly connected with the production:

       • Expenditure on creative crew, provided they have their tax residence in Spain or in any other European Economic Space Member State. 
          This is capped at 100,000 euros per person.

       • Expenditure on technical industries and other suppliers.

Who can benefit from this allowance?

The production companies or production services companies with tax residence in Canary Islands, registered in ICAA which have been in charge of a foreign feature film or audiovisual work production.

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(2) RDL 15/2014, 19th December, ammending the Canary Islands Economic and Fiscal Regime.
(3) Law 3/2017, 27th June, General State Budget.
(4) Law 8/2018, 5th November, ammending the Canary Islands Economic and Fiscal Regime.
(5) Royal Decree-law 26/2018, of 28 December, approving the emergency measures on artistic and film creation.
(6) Royal Decree-law 17/2020, of 5 May, approving support measures for the cultural sector and tax measures to deal with the economic and social impact of the COVID-2019
The deduction limit is pending publication through subsequent legislative amendments.