Catch the flag

Full-length animation film

Catch the Flag tells the story of Mike Goldwing, a courageous and determined boy of twelve years of age, the son and grandson of astronauts, who has always dreamed of winning the game of trap the flag. In order to reconcile his family, which is what he wants the most, he must trap the most significant flag in history: the one that was planted on the Moon by the astronauts on the Apollo XI mission. With the help of his friends, Amy, Marty and Igor (a crazy but funny chameleon), he will set out on a frenetic adventure together with his obstinate grandfather, Frank, to halt the malicious plans of Richard Carson, an extravagant millionaire who, with the aim of colonising the Moon, wants to erase from history the epic achievements of the space missions.
Technical sheet
  • Original title Catch the flag
  • Producer Telecinco Cinema, 4 Cats Pictures S.L,Lightbox Entertainment, Telfónica Estudios.
  • Producer year 2015
  • Country Spain
  • Producer type Feature film
  • Director Enrique Gato
  • Cast Diego Navarro