Blanco en blanco

Feature film co-produced by a Canarian production company and shot partially on Tenerife

Tierra del Fuego was a hostile territory. In the early 20th-century, the marriage of the all-powerful ranch-owner of these lands snatched from the natives and now racked by violence is about to take place. A photographer arrives here in the remotest corner of the Earth, to immortalise the union. The future wife, a girl who travels together with him, becomes his obsession. An obsession that leads him to make a deal through which, in exchange for his betrayal of the reigning power, he will be able to enjoy the innocent beauty of the girl. After losing his privileges as a result of his betrayal, his relationship with the image goes beyond the erotic and he falls deeper and deeper into a society which lives alongside the genocide of the Onas, becoming an accomplice and a participant through his images.

Technical sheet
  • Original title Blanco en blanco
  • Producer El Viaje, Don Quijote Films y Pomme Hurlante Films
  • Producer year 2018
  • Country Spain
  • Producer type Feature film
  • Director Theo Court
  • Photo Shooting Mauro Herce