Dos vidas

TV Series filmed in Tenerife and Madrid

Carmen and Julia – grandma and granddaughter – are two women with a lot more in common than just their blood ties. They are two non-conformists willing to change the world, to fulfil their dreams, to take control of their own fates and to fight for love, even though everything is against them.

Julia is a woman who has spent her 30 years living a life that is not her own and, in the week that she is due to get married, she discovers that her real father has just died and has left her a house in the mountains in his will. Keen to find herself and unveil this past that has always been hidden from her, she travels to the pretty village where her father, that she never knew, lived. This rural universe, where everything is new, fascinates Julia. But what most impresses her are the travel journals written 70 year earlier by her own grandmother.


Technical sheet
  • Original title Dos vidas
  • Producer RTVE y Mascaret Films en colaboración con Bambú Producciones
  • Producer year 2020
  • Country Spain
  • Producer type TV series
  • Director Miguel Conde, Giselle Llanio, Ana Vázquez, y Mario Montero
  • Cast Manu Guix y Roger Rodés
  • Cast Laura Ledesma,Amparo Piñero,Cristina de Inza, Sebastián Haro, Oliver Ruano, Aída de la Cruz, Miguel Brocca, Iván Mendes, Kenai White, Gloria Ortega, Chema Adeva e Iago García.