TADEO JONES 2 EL SECRETO DEL REY MIDAS - Productions on Tenerife - Tenerife Film Commission

Tadeo Jones 2 El secreto del rey Midas

Tadeo Jones 2 El secreto del rey Midas
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After the discovery by Sara Lavrof of one of the three gold discs from King Midas' necklace, confirming thereby the existence of this monarch who converted everything he touched into gold, Tadeo Jones travels to Las Vegas to accompany his friend for the great exhibition which will put on public display for the first time this important discovery in the world of archaeology. The happy meeting of Tadeo and Sara is darkened when the evil Jack Rackham and his followers steal the piece and kidnap the young archaeologist, since they know that he who manages to bring together the three discs from the necklace will acquire the power of Midas and, therefore, infinite riches.
Tadeo, together with his friends the Mummy, the parrot, Belzoni, his dog, Jeff, and the new characters who join him for this adventure, will have to use all his ingenuity and travel halfway around the world, including Las Vegas, Spain and Turkey, in order to rescue Sara and thwart the plans of the evil Rackham.

Technical sheet
Original title:
Tadeo Jones 2 El secreto del rey Midas
Telecinco Cinema, Movistar+, 4 Cats Pictures, Ikiru Films y Tadeo Jones y el secreto de Midas AIE, con la participación de Mediaset España y la animación del estudio Lightbox Animation Studios
Type of production:
Enrique Gato y David Alonso
Zacarias Martinez De La Riva Antiras
Photo Shooting:
Jose Cazorla Arevalo