El test

Partially filmed on the island of Tenerife

We often face dilemmas which shake up our very existence forever. This is the case of a middle-class married couple with financial problems - Héctor (Carlos Santos) and Paula (Miren Ibarguren) - when Toni (Alberto San Juan), one of their best friends, proposes they take a personality test prepared by Berta (Blanca Suarez), his girlfriend, a very successful and high-profile psychologist. The question is the following: what would you prefer, 100,000 euros right now or 1,000,000 in ten years’ time? That simple, and yet, that difficult.

The decision the couple must take seems very simple: be content with a small fortune immediately or wait for ten interminable years to win ten times more. What begins as a theoretical supposition, a simple personality test, will, little-by-little destroy the personalities and the most profound secrets of our leading characters, forcing them to put a price on their principles and, finally, forcing them to take a decision that will change their lives. Who knows if forever?

60% of the technical and artistic personnel are residents of the Canary Islands. In addition, the services of more than 20 local companies were contracted to meet the needs of this production.


Technical sheet
  • Original title El test
  • Producer Atresmedia Cine, Warner Bros Entertainment España, Álamo Producciones Audiovisuales, Álamo Audiovisual 11 Parte AIE. Production Services: River Flow Pictures
  • Producer year 2021
  • Country Spain
  • Director Dani De la Orden
  • Cast Miren Ibarguren, Alberto San Juan, Carlos Santos y Blanca Suarez