Real image production label

  • 1. Tell the heads of department of your production that a sustainability plan is going to be implemented and appoint a person to monitor it.
  • 2. Define your sustainability plan with goals, actions, and measures. You can use Tenerife Film Commission’s 10-point guide for sustainable productions as a guideline.
  • 3. Fill out the checklist according to the goals, actions and measures established during pre-production. If necessary, you can add information to better define your sustainable actions. Don’t forget to take photos to document all the activities carried out.
  • 4. Once the production is over, tick the actions done in the checklist. You’ll get a final score on the sustainability of your production.
  • 5. After filling out the checklist please send it to​​ to have it evaluated and grant you the sustainable film production label. If you score over 50 points, your application will be processed.

If your production has more than 50 crew and/or a budget above 500,000.00 €, along with the checklist you will also have to send a report drawn up by an external professional, who is specialised in sustainable film productions, stating the environmental monitoring carried out during production.