Aquafilm Underwater

Camera, lighting and directors of photography for underwater filming


For over 15 years, AQUAFILM has been operating successfully on the underwater cinematography market. AQUALFIM’s professional career spans a long time and the company is proud to have taken a part in numerous feature films, commercials, dramas, TV programmes and videos. This company can guarantee support for productions with an underwater technical crew and all the necessary underwater equipment. Since January 2018, AQUAFILM has a new branch in Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain.


  • Underwater housing for ARRI Alexa Mini and RED Epic cameras with surface preview as well as camera power feed and follow focus supported from the surface (60m feed cable).
  • Splash bag for ARRI Alexa Mini and RED Epic cameras with wireless preview and follow focus.
  • Underwater LED Lighting System - continuous operation and control from the surface.
  • Underwater speaker and wireless (two-way) communication system
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    Avenida Islas Canarias, 116 - Apto. 4D 38007 SANTA CRUZ DE TENERIFE