Talent Agency, actors, models and production services in the Canary Islands

Bewateragency is the result of the close involvement its two founders, both seasoned  image professionals, have with the world of fashion.  They are expert talent agents (actors, models and extras), in addition to providing production services.  

BW is not another traditional model agency, they go a step further with a firm belief that recent stereotypes are not only wrong in their representation of our world: their goal is to represent real people. 

Joa Rubio, cofounder of BW, has been working as a fashion photographer since 2004. He also possesses wide experience in casting sessions and event co-ordination. 

Speaking about Coco M.G, co-founder of BW, is speaking about EFA -his company- which offers all-round design and photography services and is also a photography school. Event co-ordination, TV production, exhibition director, cultural advisor for various institutions, graphic production and advertising as well as curator. Fashion photographer and teacher, not only in photography but also in model training, including behavior in front of the camera, expression and posing, activities he has carried out since 1992. 
  • Lighting equipment rental as well as photo and video cameras. All sorts of accessories. 
  • Makeup artists, hairstylists, photographers, production assistants, photo and video assistants and drivers. 
  • Location scouting, always with the audiovisual perspective in mind. 
  • Accommodation and transport. 
  • Catering. 
  • Casting. 
  • Image post production, digital processing and printing. 
Other services

Latest Works in Casting:  

  •  "Royal Hideaway Corales Resort (Barceló Hoteles)" (2018)- Aproduction - Commercial 
  • Dr. Who (BBC) (2019)- Sur Film- TV Series 
  • The Head, (2019)-Mediapro-TV Series 
  • Nilsongroup (2019)- Watson Film-Commercial 
  • 8Fit (2019)-Commercial. 
  • Pleasure Garden Magazine (2019)- Artistic Photo 
  • Publi Volwagen (2019)- Capture Media-Commercial 
  • "Taint" by Alicia Gerrard (2019)-Short. 
  • Eurocos (2019)-Event 
  • Medavita (2019)-Event. 
  • Museos arqueológicos - Cabildo de Tenerife (2019) for Travel Destinations - Commercial 
  • Castorama (2020) Sur Film - Commercial 
  • Promotur (2020) Blua Producers - Commercial 
  • Balko Teneriffa 2-talent casting-(2022)- UFA FICTION  - TV series 
  • Allmen and the miracle of the Koi (2023)-casting/talent UFA FICTION – TV series 
  • OMIO (2022)-talent - Blua Producers - commercial 
  • H&M (2022)- talent – 24/7- Smille Canary Island - Commercial 
  • Palomo Spain & Puma (2022) models - Kitten Production - commercial 
  • Marbella – (2023)- actors – Buendia Estudios – TV Series 
  • Nivea (2023)  – talent- Volcano Films - commercial 
  • Volkswagen Noruega (2023)-  Volcano Films - commercial 
  • Brussels Airlines (2023) – Inezz - commercial 
  • Rich Flu-Actors- (2023) by Galder – Nostromo - Film 
  • Promotur Canarias (2023)- Blua Producers.- Commercial 
  • El Corte Ingles (2023 talent) Solworks Films, Fight Films - commercial 
  • Non exister (2023)- actors- Smile Canary Islands - videoclip 

    Latest Works in Service Production:  

  •  "Skinnydiplondon” (2019)-Commercial 
  • Corto "Taint" by Alicia Gerrard (2019)-Short 
  • “A Place in the Sun” (2020)-Freeform Productions-TV Programme 
  • “Grain de Malice”, (2023)  commercial, for 45SUD 
C/ María Cristina, 6. 38004