Boudika Productions

Location & Production Services in the Canary Islands

​​​Made up of professionals who love their work and with over twenty years' experience in prestigious companies in the sector, Boudika offers production and location services to Spanish and international producers for feature films, advertisements, videoclips, documentaries and both fashion and advertising photography. They offer an exclusive service and, thanks to their flexibility, they can adapt to any budget and need, independently of the type of production in question. They guarantee a nimble and fluid organisation which allows the client to find anything from a computer, a runner or a specific piece of material to the complete service. The satisfaction of their customers, including the most prestigious producers, film-makers and directors in the industry, guarantees their ability to coordinate, supervise and attend to any project.
Other services
  • Locations
  • Production services
  • Casting
  • Hire of camera and lighting materials
  • Logistics
  • Catering
  • Transport, accommodation
C/ Elías Serra rafols, 4 - 5B 38204 LA LAGUNA