Canary Productions

Production services. Photo. Film. Advertising. TV

Canary Productions is a Film, Photo & TV boutique service production company, that works with partners across Europe. It is managed by Executive Producer Gadi Cimand, working in Spain and the Canary islands since 2006 (with over twenty years of experience in productions).

We offer services in all the Spanish territories, and we´re based and specialised in the Canary Islands. We have built a reputation for finding creative and cost effective production solutions:

“Canary Productions has created an incredible experience for us with its fast, smart-thinking solutions to production challenges. More than that, we left the experience with a sense of joy.”  
Danny Lerner, Millenium Films. Los Ángeles, EE.UU.

After so many film, photo and video productions with our crews during more than two decades, our enthusiasm for the potential of this land is as strong as our commitment to no-nonsense production development. We are the local production partner to provide quality, cost-effective results you can see in the frame.

  • Production services
  • Photo shoots
  • Film commercials
  • Music videos
  • Feature films
  • Advertising productions
  • TV shoots
  • Reality shows, etc.
Other services
    • H&M”.
    • “Air France”.
    • “M Missoni” (various campaigns).
    • “Missoni” Christy Turlington.
    • "Marie Claire”(Italy)
    • “JAN Magazine”.
    • “IKKS ss18”.
    • “ASOS”(various campaigns).
    • “D Magazine”.
    • “Fanatastic Man”.
    • “IP Belgium”.
    • “Gala Magazine”.
    • TV Shows:
      • “Take Me Out¨-TalkBack Thames.
      • “Missoni” (various campaigns).
      • “Missoni” Christy Turlington
      • “Honda Miimo”
      • “Suzuki Vitara”.
      • “Boozt” (various campaigns).
      • “Binter” (various campaigns).
      • “Samsung Galaxy”.
      • “Lamborghini Urus”.
      • “Monki ss18”.
      • “Davidoff cigars”.
      • “Sky One”.
      • “Monsoon Sunshine State”.
      • “Gutai app”.
      • “Jaguar F+XF”.
      • “JD Sports Men collection”.
      • “F&F –Tesco Holiday Outfits”.
      • “Rohan/Joe Public”.
      • “H & M Sunshine Essentials”.
      • “Ford Escape”
      • “National Geographic”.
      • “Sony A7R”./li>
      • “Air France FRENCH CLICK”.
      • “Sixt USA”.
      • “British Airways Be”-Fifth Weapon.
      • “Honda”.
      • “Citroen”-Landing Zone.
      • “Alexander Mcqueen” -Laura Holmes Productions.
      • “Jag F+XF”-Widescope Productions.
      • “Can Do”-MS New Media.
      • “Iberia”.
      • “Muela Aborigen”.
      • “Tui/Acne”-Ben Pictures.
      Documentary Film:
      • “El Recordador”-Antarctica Films.
      Feature Film:
    • “Dark Channel” Feb –Abr 15, TNF, Productora local, , , Largo (TNF+UK Shoot), Retro-Juice Prod.
    Short films, video clips and others:
    • ¨Walker¨-Videoclip.Feelmaker Productions.
    • ¨B&B¨ PIlot. Mirax Visual Productions.
    • ¨Bid Time Return¨-West Coast Films.
    • ¨Life in FF¨.
    • ¨Derbi 2009¨ Promo.
    Outside the Canaries:
    • “Land Rover Marrakesh”-Spark 44.
    •  “Sephardic Project” (preproducción) Documental (Canary Productions).
    • “Maria Mena Fuck You”-Videoclip Gaucho films.
    • “The Stranger Inside¨ Film. Drama DeLuxe.
Av. Juan Carlos I, Valdés Center Office 213 - Los Cristianos 38650 ARONA