Escuela de actores Lecuona

Escuela Lecuona de Actores is a school specialising in film and television acting devoted to covering a space which is in great and growing demand on the islands.

Founded by Ruth Benasayag and Rafael Macia, it trains those wishing to graduate in those media and furthermore, from the very first moment, eases access to the labour market thanks to the close link between our teachers and the industry..

The students work with specialists and directors of acknowledged prestige in the audiovisual sphere, who are still active in the profession, which gives an eminently practical approach to the training.

Escuela Lecuona offers three kinds of courses: Weekend monographic courses (for experienced actors), Coaching of actors of a duration of three months with sessions of four hours a week (aimed at professional actors) and the Master's Diploma course with a duration of two years and six months, with sessions of twelve hours a week.

The teachers are working Directors, Casting Directors and Actors of acknowledged prestige both on the national and the local stage.

  • Diploma course for actors who wish to train in acting for the theatre, film, television and castings.
  • Training and monographic courses aimed at actors and actresses.
  • Ongoing coaching for actors.
  • ​Preparation of Videobooks.
  • Preparation of castings.
  • Dance classes.
  • Music classes.
  • Theatre acting classes.
  • Classroom hire.
  • Actor representation agency
Other services
Most recent work:
  • Theatre sample by Escuela de Actores Lecuona at Regia Comedy (7th March 2019).
  • Casting case study with Juana Martínez (27th and 28th April 2019).
  • Acting and Dramatic Expression Workshop with Abraham Gómez Rosales 25th and 26th May 2019).
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