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Filmter is a pioneering company in the film industry specialised in property rentals. With vast experience and an extensive network of contacts, Filmter offers comprehensive solutions to satisfy the needs of any audio-visual project.

Its extensive list of properties includes emblematic locations, from luxury mansions to country cottages, all carefully selected to offer the perfect atmosphere for each scene.

Furthermore, Filmter offers a fleet of vehicles ranging from classic cars to top-of-the-range vehicles and motorbikes, thus guaranteeing a variety of options for any script.

With an extremely professional team and an approach geared to each user, Filmter stands out for its commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction in the film industry.

Houses and Villas



  • Property rentals for film scenes.
Other services

Recent works:

  • Montecristo | 2022| Series| Spain, with service by Festeam Comunicación y Eventos
  • Odio el verano | 2023| Feature film | Spain
  • Isla Brava | 2022|Series | Mexico
Mercatenerife, Nave 1, complejo D 38110 SANTA CRUZ DE TENERIFE