Grupo Suardiaz

Transportes y logística

The Suardíaz Group is a shipping company which has its own ships and, in combination with its forwarding departments, is capable of offering integral logistical services by sea, air and land in Spain or internationally.
Suardíaz, with a history of over one hundred years, is a business group which has managed to diversify its activities linked with maritime trade creating different business divisions. These divisions cover all the links in the logistical chain such as forwarding (grouping services, containers and air transport), storage, customs (OEA), division of Cargo and Projects, and more recently its new department of ‘Filming and events’, with its headquarters in Tenerife, Canary Islands.
Since its activities began in the maritime world, the group has had its own fleet of roll-on/roll-off ships which it has renewed and adapted in accordance with technological advances and market requirements. It currently operates on scheduled routes with a total of twenty-five specialist ships for the transport of vehicles, trailers and all kinds of wheeled cargo between European, African and Asiatic ports.
Its structured organisation enables it to offer its clients an integral logistical and cargo transport service taking permanent care of the strict fulfilment of the quality and safety regulations. For this purpose, it has the solid support of its broad network of Spanish and international offices.
Avda. Francisco La Roche, 39-2º 38001 SANTA CRUZ DE TENERIFE
Fax.: 0034 922 53 47 85