Macaronesia Films

Handling of fiscal incentives and equipment hire

Macaronesia Films was born from the merger of leading, emblematic companies in the Canary Islands, which gave their backing to this project with the aim of consolidating the industrial activity of cinema in the Canaries.
Specialising in the handling of fiscal incentives for film-making, as well as the hire of equipment and special vehicles in the area of production, wardrobe, make-up, office, recreation and energy. ​

Management of audiovisual incentives both for Spanish and overseas productions and hire of such equipment as: production trucks, wardrobe trucks, generator trucks, make-up trucks or production equipment, cosmetics, office, recreation and energy, among others.

Other services
​​Most Recent work in the Canaries:
Feature films:
  • 2016 – El Faro de las Orcas – El Faro de las Orcas A.I.E
  • 2016 – Down a Dark Hall – Producciones Audiovisuales Nostromo A.I.E
  • 2016- Contratiempo – La Habitación Cerrada A.I.E
  • 2017- No Dormirás – White Films A.I.E
  • 2017- The Kill Team – The Kill Team A.I.E
  • 2017 - Sol a Cántaros – Álamo Producciones
  • 2017 – Perdida – Cornelia La Película A.I.E
  • 2017 - ¿Qué te juegas? – Ajedréz para tres A.I.E.
  • 2017 – Cleo y Cuquín. – Cleo y Cuquín A.I.E
  • 2018 Durante la Tormenta – MIRAGE AIE – Service de producción
  • 2018 Paradise Hills – Nostromo Pictures – Service de producción
  • 2018 Cuatro Latas – Cruzando el desierto AIE – Service de producción
  • 2018 Taxi a Gibraltar – Sacromonte Films – Alquiler de material
  • 2019 WASP Network – Service de producción
  • 2019 Black Beach – Service de producción
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