New Event

Production Service Company in Tenerife, Canary Islands.


New Event is a promoter and audiovisual, concert, and cultural event production company based in Santa Cruz de Tenerife that is available to work across Spain. Since setting up in 2015, it has carried out many successful national and international projects, gaining the recognition of both the public and peers. Thanks to its partners, New Event caters for all types of techniques and mediums, from photography, video, computer graphics or illustrations to groundbreaking techniques that can film 360º at a professional standard and in virtual reality on land, sea, and air. We also have staff who specialised in photography and video. New Event can adapt to any type of production including films, series, TV programmes, commercials, photography… We also take care of different needs such as location scouting, permissions, logistics, equipment rental, etc.

Some of the specialised equipment available include cameras with professional FULL FRAME sensors adapted to our outdoor projector enclosures; our own remote-controlled drones or multicopters and equipment to use from a helicopter or on land. We can also do 3D creations on virtual reality, among other technological factors.


Other services
  • Audiovisual production.
  • Equipment rental.
  • Technical production.
  • Logistics, permits, and locations..
  • Tailor-made projects.
  • Innovative proposals to guarantee impact and success.
New Event
C/ Imeldo Serís 108 4A 38003 Santa Cruz De Tenerife