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Fixer Canary Islands

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Fixer Canary Islands
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​​Fixer Canary Islands is a production coordination services company for cinema, television, photography, video and digital contents or events. It is a specialist in performing the role of a general fixer supplying scouting and managing shooting permits. The economic model of the company allows them to work with small and medium-sized budgets.

With more than fifteen years' experience in the Canary Islands, this company offers professional services à la carte. It works mainly with productions for the French, Belgian, Swiss, Canadian and international markets here in the Canaries.

It also has a blocker service for stopping traffic.

The team at Fixer Canary Islands speaks English, Spanish and French.

Most recent work:

- Aptonia ( Decathlon France)- Tenerife ( TV and web)

- Jupiler – ( Tzar Belgique )Tenerife (TV and web)

- Gomera – by Conerliu Porumboiu – La Gomera (Apache Films | feature)

- Who Wants to Marry my Son ( Paprika Latino- Romanian TV) -Tenerife (television programme)

- Thomas Cook- ( FCI )Tenerife (TV and web)

- Italia Independent- (Fort Lee France )-Tenerife (photo and video session)

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Fixer Canary Islands

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Fixer Canary Islands

90B Calle Tinguanfaya, bloque 3 - Alto B. Edif. Begoña - Chayofa 38652 arona

Tel.: 0034 616 91 42 09