Tax and legal advice, auditing, consulting and transaction services

PwC is an international network of firms, present in 158 countries, with over 236,000 professionals who are committed to offering quality services in fiscal and legal advice, auditing, consultancy and transactions. On Tenerife, PwC has over five hundred square metres of offices and a team of over forty professionals and is the largest professional services company on the island. We can work in Spanish, English, French and German. In the legal and tax areas, PwC is the main legal and tax advisor in the world, both in terms of size - it is the largest legal and tax advice practice - and due to the scope and reputation of its services.PwC is specialised in local and international taxation (incentives, deductions, reinvestment, etc.), setting up a business on Tenerife, project financing, joint-ventures with local companies, as well as all fiscal, employment, commercial and administration aspects to conduct film activities on Tenerife. In the field of auditing services, PwC offers a wide range of solutions for companies in the film sector and its objective is to supply the value that the client is searching for and to reinforce the confidence of the investors and other interest groups. In the area of consultancy, PwC helps the clients to define and implement winning strategies, including everything from the conception of the strategy to monitoring the operations, structures and models of business. Finally, in the area of “Deals” we help our clients to pull off their transactions successfully, whether that is buying or selling a company or business or creating value through processes of merger, acquisition, financing, disinvestment and restructuring..
  • Tax advice (incentives for films, deductions in the Canaries, etc).
  • Specialist legal advice (commercial, contractual, administrative and procedural).
  • Employment advice with a special focus on the film sector.
  • Auditing of companies and film projects and related services.
  • Consultancy, business plans, business valuations, strategy.
  • Implantation of businesses in the Canaries, joint-ventures, development of investment projects.
  • Financing of projects, search for local partners and purchase and sale of businesses.
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