Solworks Films

Service producer

Solworks Films is a production service company, with offices in the Canary and Balearic Islands. Its activity consists of providing production, localisation and casting services and handling permits for national and international producers so that they can carry out their advertising and/or fiction productions on the islands in the best conditions and locations.

The company accompanies its clients in their projects from the outset to guarantee and ensure quality and security at film sets on the islands with the best technical equipment and human capital. It helps all producers find the best spaces and environments (nature, coastline, roads, houses…) possible to develop their creative ideas and ensure the most spectacular results possible. And all with a service of proximity, clarity and honesty that characterises this producer since its beginnings.


  • Production services, services to manage permits, localisation services, casting services, management services, photo-shoot services, services for rental of technical equipment.


Other services

Most recent projects in the Canary Islands:

  • "Gogo Squeez” 2020, The Family, Dir: Spot, Giorgia Tribuiani, Spot Italia.
  • “Aia Aequilibrium” 2021, Akita Film, Dir: Federico Brugia, Spot Italia.
  • “Zara Man” 2021, N6, Photographer: Misha Taylor, Cinematographer: Pino Sartorio, Photo & RRSS, Worldwide.