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Alucine SFX Canary

Special effects
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Alucine SFX Canary, located in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, has wide experience in conceiving and carrying out all kinds of special effects for film, television, commercials and theatre. Their effects include all possible versions of rain, snowscapes or falling snowflakes, fog and smoke, wind, totally safe fires and explosions of every size, body or object bullet-shots, sparks, collapses…

They also make special replicas, specific models of weapons, retractable objects, breakable bottles, glasses and plates as well as all kinds of dangerous objects actors have to be hit with or closely interact with. They have and make vehicle simulators, prop weapons and detonators, muzzle loaders, etc.

They strictly comply with the regulations in force in Spain and have all the necessary authorizations, insurances and other legal requirements to carry out their activity.


- Special effects

- Pyrotechnic effects

- Explosions

- Bullet-shots

- Fire effects

- Atmospheric effects

- Rain, fog, snow

- Special machines

- Weapons for film

Other services

Latest work in the Canary Islands:

- Feature films. Project 12 The Bunker – 2016 /Ron Hopper´s Misfortune – 2019

- Advertising. Tropical Commercial - 2012

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