The Tenerife Film Commission family is growing

10 new companies became members in 2015

Photo courtesy from Boudika Productions

We are very happy at Tenerife Film Commission. 2015 ended with a more than positive balance: 10 new companies joined the TFC family, which means we now have 31 members. These newcomers include extra agencies like Eurofirms, Intesa Film and Personal 7 Audiovisual; models and production services like Bewateragency; the Barceló Santa Cruz and Contemporáneo hotels; service production companies like Boudika Productions, Film! Canary Islands and Festeam Comunicación y Eventos; Archipiélago Renting for vehicle hire; and Assap, offering consultancy services.

The new year has started very well too as in the first weeks of 2016 another company joined us, EPC, specialising in camera and equipment rental. Cameras available on the island include Arri Alexa XT, Arri Mini and EPIC Dragon CF with lenses and accessories.

You can find the contact details of all our members in our directory.


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