A different Christmas in Tenerife

Christmas in Tenerife is lived in a different way, with a special atmosphere in the streets where people walk comfortably thanks to the mild and warm climate. Will you accompany us on a short trip to everything that awaits you during these dates on our island?

A sky full of Christmas stars

Can you imagine enjoying Christmas at more than 3,000 metres? On Mount Teide it is possible. Here you can ascend and observe the starry winter sky.

Estrellas Teide

Whether as a family, as a couple or even alone, you can come up with the perfect plan to enjoy one of the most visited National Parks in Spain to the fullest. Would you like to reach the summit without effort? Then remember to book your ticket for the Teide Cable Car b. Or would you like to challenge yourself before the end of the year? Then take a look at the different routes that lead to the summit.

Familia Teide

If you want to spend your holidays a little more relaxed, then you can take a guided tour of the facilities of the Teide Observatory, combine it with nocturnal astronomical observation or simply walk through the various natural attractions in the National Park. No matter what you prefer, Mount Teide is a must when travelling to Tenerife!

Winter under palm trees, Christmas on the beach

Another great option to enjoy Christmas in nature is to put on your best swimsuit and relax at one of the many beaches in Tenerife. There is something for every taste: blonde sand, black volcanic sand, pebbles, family beaches, lively or secluded beaches…

Navidad en Tenerife playa

With a pleasant climate also in December, you sometimes wonder if you have not travelled in time towards the summer. Nevertheless, you can enjoy a slightly different Christmas atmosphere, which is accompanied by the sound of the waves. You should definitely make long beach walks or coastal walks, so you can enjoy the sun of Tenerife and the Christmas atmosphere.

Christmas in the streets of Tenerife: lights, shopping and festive atmosphere

Nougats, marzipan, nativity scenes… Christmas is simply unique! The festive mood in the streets, the people walking around, the Christmas stalls and the Christmas fair, the coloured lights that illuminate every step…

Terraceo amigos

People meet with friends and family, Christmas parties… If you want to experience the authentic festive atmosphere of Christmas in Tenerife, we suggest you to visit the cities and historic centres. One of the most emotional and expected moments for all the locals on the island is the famous Christmas Concert of the Tenerife Symphony Orchestra, which always takes place on December 25th in Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

Oh! And do not forget to visit the cribs and traditional Christmas performances. Craftsmen, weavers and typical figures of the culture of Tenerife can be seen in the cribs created by neighboring communities, institutions or individuals with much enthusiasm and dedication.

Christmas in Tenerife – an unforgettable experience

Whatever your plan for this Christmas on the island, we assure you that it will be an unforgettable celebration that will always remain in your memory. Merry Christmas!

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