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How do you picture the beach when you close your eyes?

Is it covered in golden sand and bathed in a calm ocean disappearing into the horizon? Or maybe you can hear the waves breaking over the rocks on the shore. Perhaps you would like to see your feet sinking into the warm black sand as the salty drops on your skin evaporate under the sun. You might see yourself floating on the calm surface, diving down to explore the volcanic ocean floor or enjoying your favourite sport amongst the waves...

If you daydream about all or any of these experiences, you're picturing Tenerife.

It's wonderful to go to a beach and not have to worry about anything but the sun and the sea. Easy parking, good quality water, tasty food, handy toilets and lifeguards... Your previous experience and the confidence you get from seeing the blue coloured flag flying at the entrance to the beach is what gives you the peace of mind you need to enjoy your swim to the full.

Every year the European Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE) awards a Blue Flag to those beaches and marinas that meet a series of requirements. The label therefore signals bathing areas that respect environmental quality standards, good water conditions, accessibility, information and environmental education, as well as providing a wide array of amenities (ramps, showers, changing rooms, lifeguards, first aid, parking facilities, etc.).

The idea is to award the efforts made by local councils and marina managers to comply with the campaign's standards. In the Canary Islands, the Blue Flag is controlled by the Directorate General of Public Health (Regional Ministry of Health), whose officials are in charge of constantly monitoring compliance with the requirements and collaborating with local councils wishing to apply for the award.

There are currently 10 beaches in Tenerife to have been awarded this distinction:


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