Porsche releases its latest commercial, filmed on the island

Production services were provided by Tenerife Film Commission member Seven Islands Film

Porsche ad frame, serviced in Tenerife by Seven Islands Film

Porsche has released its latest commercial, that was shot on the island. The filming had the assistance of production company Seven Islands Film, a member of Tenerife Film Commission, which in turn helped in the location scouting and getting permissions.

Turismo de Tenerife CEO, David Pérez, thinks that “this shoot shows the excellent features of the island as a film location, thanks to its varied landscapes and settings, which include beaches and forests plus cities, towns and villages and a mild climate year round”. “There is a wide network of production companies and professionals”, the CEO added.

The production company said the shooting was a real challenge. “The concept was clear. The car is presented in a dramatic urban setting and as a contrast to the architecture and style. The challenge was to find the right place to reflect this contrast; a visually impressive place that was also feasible”, they explained. The work of the Seven Islands Film staff, the support of Tenerife Film Commission and the Road Department of Tenerife, “led to finding the ideal combination of locations”, they added.

In the production company’s opinion, the commercial shows that the Canaries, and Tenerife specifically, offer far more than sun, beaches, or volcanoes, as they also boast cities and modern architecture. “The logistics for a shoot of this scale, including a secret vehicle, demands a lot of experience, skill, and knowledge. Thanks to 23 years of experience providing services to foreign commercial, film and TV production companies across the Canary Islands, Seven Islands Film managed to meet all the demands and requirements of their client.


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