Tenerife Vineyards in Tegueste by bike


Tegueste Town Hall is happy to invite all the visitors on holidays in Tenerife in  to see the great landscapes this Vineyards route in Tegueste can offer to those keen on the rural side of the island and that can be done by:

  • bike ( there’s not an specific
  • car ( recommended)
  • on foot
Tenerife-Tegueste vineyards by bike, by car or on foot


This route is dedicated to the past and current agricultural activities in the areas, with a very important presence of  vineyards that so good wines  produce for our joy.

  • Vineyards Route in Tegueste: 
    • Chorro de las Toscas
    • La Padilla
    • El Socorro
    • San Luis
    • Chorro de las Las Toscas.
  • Length:
    • 9 km aprox


How to get to Tegueste by Bus? 

  • Line 050 from La Laguna or Punta del Hidalgo
  • Line 105 from Santa Cruz or Punta del Hidalgo

Check Titsa.com  for changes and schedule.

If you prefer you can join the following very cheap guided routes in Tegueste with great explanations by real experts, and if you need an specific information about Tegueste contact via e mail: turismo@tegueste.org

Download  this map of routes in Tegueste, so you want get lost.



Bon Vivant – a cool groumet bar in Santa Cruz

Selected or exclusive products,a paradise for good food, for good food lovers,  demanding hosts, for anyone who appreciates what is unique.




If you are looking for traditional flavors, good wines or the latest in the cellar you have to come to Bon Vivant and meet Ana, its owner, a fascinating person and ideal advisor. An exceptional guide among chocolates, rice, oils, condiments, preserves, smoked fish or seafood.

Bon Vivant uses one single formula : quality + quality + quality

If you already know what you are looking for , then Bon Vivant is your destination, if you only have curiosity and interest, this is your school.

Enjoy in-situ Iberian ham or the very best oysters and champagne every Friday.

You can buy caviar or participate in diverse and great courses or seminars:

  • gin or wine tasting,
  • course in cutting ham,
  • pairings of gin tonic and ham,
  • presentations of Cellars or wine,
  • or cooking for children.


A space with a clientele that has things very clear, they come to  enjoy an environment that is close to perfection without formalism and selected tapas with immaculate and friendly attention.

Cutting Iberian Ham at Bon Vivant


Treat yourself and and come to know the place, I guarantee that you will be addicted, because all your senses will be fully satisfied atBon Vivant

In addition, if you want a space to share with your group of friends, Ana has an upper area to make your celebration, meeting, or whatever you have in mind with the privacy you are looking for.

Where is Bon Vivant?

C / puerto escondido Nº3 – Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Phone: 922 27 16 89


You deserve a chic sophisticated treat and enjoy.

Mount Teide National Park restricted areas in 2013



Due to the work of control of the mouflon at Mount Teide National Park, the Canarian Government has restricted all access or visits to the following areas:

“all places and trails at the South of t TF-21 until Curva de los azulejos and from that point, all the way up the   ravine to the southern limit of the National Park every Wednesday and Friday until June 7 between 7 and 14 hours.”


  • In this area there are a number of exceptions in which the access and permanence will be the usual:
  • as roads and viewpoints of roads,
  • Arico General tracks,
  • Montaña limón
  • as well as some trails and marked areas.


The restriction will be back  from October 2nd  to November 8th .

For any additional information please contact  Mount Teide National Park Office : Tel: 922 922 371 (from 09.00 h – 14.00 h)

Towel of Jewels at Mount Teide


This restriction is not an excuse to  miss a  visit to  the Teide National Park, especially at this time, we have Tajinastes blossom.

We suggest two things:

Visit their Facebook page so you can see the beauty of the places  where Felix can take you.

Note: photographs are courtesy of Félix de la Rosa and One day in Tenerife and have all  rights reserved .

Tapas evenings at Blanco Bar Restaurant in May

Blanco Bar Restaurant – Puerto de la Cruz


Good tapas in pleasant atmosphere are a temptation hard to reject.

During the remaining May, Blanco Bar restaurant team has three typical tapas evenings of:

  • Catalonia,
  • Madrid,
  • the Canary Islands.

From 16.00 h without reservation you have to include in your agenda this time and these dishes:


May 16: Catalonia

Pan tumaca


black rice

Drinks: Beer or Cava Brut Nature 2010


May 23rd : Madrid

Papas bravas

Squid sandwich

Migas con Chorizo

Drinks: beer



May 30th: Canaries

Roasted cheese with mojo

Carne Fiesta

Drinks: Beer o Red traditional Arautava 2012



Price: 3€ tapa & drink

You can start with these selection of tapas and then go for the great tasting menu.

where is Blanco Bar Restaurant? 

C/ de Suiza,5 – Parque Taoro

Puerto de la Cruz – Tenerife

You can also e mail them: hola@blancobarrestaurant.com

Or phone them: 922 38 06 98

we are waiting for you!!!

Canarian Patios route in Puerto de la Cruz until May 31 – 2013

Patio at Hotel Marquesa – Puerto de la Cruz


From May the 6th till the 31st do nor hesitate in doing the Free guided visit to Canarian Patios in Puerto De La Cruz.

Tourism Area from Puerto de la Cruz Town Hall organizes this guided visit absolutelly cost free from Monday to Friday and no previous registration or inscription is needed.

The Starting point is Casa de la Aduana where the guide will start at 11.00h for 60 minutes walk through several canarian patios in 10 places giving the right explanations about their architecture, history and meaning:

The following Canarian Patios in Puerto de la Cruz are included in the guided route:

  • Casa restaurante Régulo
  • Casa restaurante La Casona
  • Casa Rincón del Puerto
  • CC Columbus Plaza
  • Cruz Roja
  • Ex Convento de Santo Domingo
  • Casa de la Aduana
  • Casa Restaurante La Papaya
  • Hotel Monopol
  • Hotel Marquesa
Typical-canarian-patio-Hotel-Monopol-Puerto de la Cruz – Tenerife


May 2013 Musical whims Programme

Tenerife-teno cliffs
Teno Cliffs in Tenerife


Our Charming Isla Baja. A thousand places to get lost …or find yourself.

Isla Baja keeps the whims of Tenerife, natural ones, or historical, architectural, gastronomical and cultural as well. Only those? I’m telling you: NO. Isla Baja hosts yearly Musical whims.


2013 Musical whims Programe during May:


  • 3rd  May at 20.30 h in Garachico:

Benito Cabrera and Ernesto Rodríguez Abad with the show “Amor no son solo lágrimas” (payment)

  • May th 4 at 20.30 h in El Tanque:

Garachico Chamber Choir performs “Between poetry and the popular”

  • 11 May at 20.30 h in Los Silos:

Montserrat Giró and Manel Cabero “A  walk through music” concert

  • May 12th at 12: 30 h in Los Silos:

performance of the musical group “Nueva Union”

  • May 18th  8: 30 h in El Tanque

pilates and music

  • May 24 at 20.30 h in El Tanque  

Mar’a ‘ folk Fusion

This is the full program for 2013


And if you need accomodation in the area check these recommended places to stay:


Culinary Fest in Granadilla

Los Abrigos – Granadilla – Tenerife South


Who hasn’t  gone to eat fresh fish to Los Abrigos yet ? If you haven’t been, you don’t know what you are missing and now  you have no excuse because from May 17th  to June 9th  there is a culinary fest  dedicated to  oily fish  in Granadilla, ideal for moving and trying it  with wine from the area, fish like these wonderful mackerels are simply waiting for you.

Mackerel & papas arrugadas


Granadilla’s foodfest  also includes the following programme of events and local festivities for everybody:

  • Canarian Traditions Day: May 26th from 10.00h to 16.00h
  • Tapas and wine fest: May 31st from 19.00h to 23.00h in Granadilla
  • Traditional “taifas” dance: June 1st from 20.00h
  • Granadillas Arts and crafts Fair : 8th-9th June from 12.00h to 20.00h
  • San Antonio de Padua Romeria: June 9th at 13.00h in Granadilla


In addition the following local markets will be opening as:

  • El Medano: wednesdays from 08.00h to 14.00h
  • Los Abrigos: Tuesdays from 17.00 h to 20.00h
  • Granadilla: Thursdays from 08.00h to 14.00h


Puerto De la Cruz San Juan Festivities programme 2013

San Juan Festivities in Puerto de la Cruz are really special ones. Music, fire, traditions, etc…create such a different atmosphere you may love.

Don’t miss a thing and read San Juan Festivities Programme 2013 at Puerto de la Cruz.

Puerto de la Cruz – Tenerife

June 22nd 2013

  • Fountains route: 11.00h – 13.00h From Cuaco Fountain till las Maretas
  • Fountains decoration: from 20.00h following the same itinerary than previous route

June 23rd 2013

  • Visist decorated fountains: 11.00h
  • Cheese Fest: 11.00h – 20.00h

By muelle de la Aduana there will be workshops for children to :

    • make cheese
    • milk goat

Bonfires preparations at Playa Jardín: From 18.00h

San Juan Bonfire


  • Concert by Castillo San Felipe: 20.30h – 24.00h with:
    • Arístides Moreno
    • Achamán
    • Cienpiés ni cabeza


June 24th 2013

  • Goats Bathing in the harbour: 08.00 – 14.00h

If you are coming by bus to Puerto de la Cruz these are the lines:

  • 101
  • 102
  • 103

Check Titsa.com for any update in these lines.

And if you need accomodation in Puerto de la Cruz check the folowing selection of hotels in Puerto

Hikking Barranco Agua de Dios in Tenerife

Agua de Dios Ravine in Tegueste, Tenerife


This singular hike can be only done on foot and it’s a a trip to the past, to the origins of Tegueste as a village. It’s highly recommended as you can also see where Guanches lived  2500 years ago.

  • Itinerary:
    • La Placeta
    • La Arañita
    • Camino del Naciente
    • El Murgaño
  • Lenght:
    • 2 kms. aprox

Please take into account the next routes you might also like doing in Tegueste: