Costa Adeje Gran Hotel – Creative cuisine

Costa Adeje Gran Hotel 
Costa Adeje Gran Hotel


Tenerife is not a gastro destination as may be Asturias and the Basque Country, and yet we have products of exceptional quality and some chefs able to turn them into art.

The Restaurant, La Laja, at Costa Adeje Gran Hotel,  is one of those    establishments that is surprising, because of the environment, for a more than a balanced value for money that puts a luxury kitchen available to all.

Original and exotic dishes: octopus Lasagna, cherne tempura with pork, caramelized banana ice cream ….. the pleasure begins deciding between the various proposals full of originality,to seduce the most demanding guests.

Elegant, not too many tables and a professional team whose attention is remarkable, La Laja, creative Canarian cuisine with signature chef Pablol Aznar.

Today we see the Canarian cooking that is done in Costa Adeje through a very delicious dish which ingredients and recipe you will find by clicking on the link below

Goat’s cheese lasagna with palm tree honey and coriander powder




  • goat cheese
  • palm tree honey syrup
  • water
  • agar – agar
  • maltosec

Costa Adeje Gran Hotel

Restaurante La Laja

Avd. Bruselas, 16 ( junto al Costa Adeje Gran Hotel)

38660 Costa Adeje, Tenerife

Telephone: 922 719 421


Opening: 19.00 – 22.30h

Closed: Wednesday and Thursday



Diving in Tenerife – La Rapadura

Diving in Tenerife  – La Rapadura

I was shocked when I saw the picture . Can’t even describe what is in the shot. But I can assure you that diving in Tenerife in La Rapadura, Santa Úrsula has to be one of those once in a life time experiences.

I don’t dive, even when I adore sports, I’ve been always afraid of diving but I can’t explain why. right after the  impresive photograh by Francis Pérez, double page, featured at National Geographic , with that small yellow point, Delioma González, by that giant group of rocks under the water, I just changed my mind.

I’m still afraid but I want madly to see what she saw, so I’m trying as soon as I can.

I posted the picture in our  facebook  fan page and everybody loved it. that was the best thing I’ve recently done, as because of sharing, I virtually met Juan Raya Rodríguez who was with Francis and Delioma  diving at La Rapadura making one of the most wonderful underwater videos I’ve ever seen .

So, please,  watch it and enjoy the marine kingdom we have in Tenerife

Restaurants in Puerto de La Cruz – La Parrilla

Today we are up to Spanish cuisine made so well in the kitchens of the restaurants in Puerto de la Cruz.

A few days ago we had dinner at La Parrilla, a restaurant with Andalusian decoration  at Hotel Botanico, to try the tasting menu by chef José Marín.

I admit, I’m a fan of food, a # gastrovictim. I love to eat and of course, eat well.

Discovering a restaurant becomes adventure and charm is added, meeting who is behind each dish. In the case of the restaurant La Parrilla, seems chapters of a story, getting the same feeling that being stuck for a good book, you want to know what happens the next page and also do not want the pleasure reaches end, in my case, the dessert.

Determined to surprise me, I was in the hands of José Marín who decided for me what would be a fabulous dinner, please, check my menu:

Toast with lobster salad
Tasting Menu
Restaurant Puerto de La Cruz - La Parrilla
  • Consommé of Guinea-hen with goose liver ravioli flavoured with truffles
  • Salad of “Pámpano” fish and tomato flavoured with basil and puree of black
  • olives
  • Sea bass with citrics and potato confit flavoured with vanilla
  • Pork tenderloins with plum sauce and caramelised nuts
  • Lemon & raspberry cake with fresh fruits of the season, almonds & meringue.

So if you want to treat yourself , just book in La Parrilla and enjoy your meal!

La Parrilla
Avd.Richard. J Yeoward Nº1
38400 Puerto de la Cruz
Reservationss: 902.080.000
Closes :Saturday and Sunday ( except June, July, Agust, September)
Winter opening: 18.30 – 22.30h
Summer opening: 19.00h -23.00h

Hotel Jardines de Nivaria – mushrooms recipe

Carpaccio of morel mushroom with tomato and fennel flavour, served with a mustard sorbet

This is the more than delicious recipe that Hotel Jardines de Nivaria offer us today, as part of a very special menu, mushrooms menu for a price of 40€ per person

La Cupula Restaurant at Hotel Jardines de Nivaria
La Cupula Restaurant at Hotel Jardines de Nivaria

Ingredients (for 6 people):

• Morel Mushroom 240g

• Fennel 33g

• Mustard seeds 35g

• Tomatoes 50g

• Sugar 15g

• Cream 30g

• Glucose 19ml

• Inverted sugar 12ml

• Sage flower 6g

• Basil leaves •

Ice plant 40g

• Lemon 4g

• Olive oil 10ml

• Tender garlic

• Violet


1. Clean the morel mushrooms with a brush to remove all the impurities.

2. Make the ice cream in the Paco Jet with the mustard, glucose and inverted sugar

3. Now, we cook the morel mushroom in oil with the tender garlic for 30 minutes at 68º.

4. Poach the tomatoes and cut them in perfect squares, add the cutted fennel and mix everything with olive oil.

Mushrooms recipe
Wonderful mushrooms dish at La Cúpula Restaurant


Put the morel mushrooms one after the other on the plate creating a circle and then we add all the rest of ingredients: the mustard sorbet with the herbs (ice plant, sage flower and violas), the tomatoes, a bit of salt and ready.

But if you prefer trying this fascinating dish Just get to La Cúpula:

Hotel Jardines de Nivaria

Restaurant La Cúpula

C/París s/n 38660 Costa Adeje

Opening: 19.00 – 23.00h ( closes on Sundays)

Reservations: 922 713333


Follow them in facebook or twitter @adrianhoteles


Enjoy your meal!

Popular festivities in May in Tenerife

Local festivities in May in Tenerife
Local festivities in May in Tenerife

The Following dates are important for locals, they are some of the most the popular festivities in Tenerife : Romerías


–  Mayo 12th

  • Romería in  Tejina

 – May 13th

  • Romería de San Isidro de Arguayo en Santiago del Teide
  • Romería de la Virgen de Fátima en el Valle de San Lorenzo

-May 13h

  • Romería Chica – Los Realejos

-May 20th 

  • Romería de Guamasa
  • Romería de Guía de Isora
  • Romería de Valle Guerra

May 30 

  • Romería de San Isidro en Los Realejos
You may wonder what a romería is. It’s a religuious celebration to honour a local Saint or Virgin and a special occasion for us, locals to wear our traditional dresses, traje de mago.
We usually do certain route on foot or with horses and people also sing traditional folk songs and play guitar and timple, so the atmosphere is friendly and welcoming.
A Romería is also a good chance to mix with locals, try our gastronomy and wine, there’s usually wine tasting and typical gastronomy as well .
On the same dates, sometimes there are bailes de Mago, where you “have to ” wear your traje de maga to join the traditional party where we also have the chance to dance to the sound of our popular music.
You are invited to join us!


Rural House in Tenerife – Dona remedios

What about  rural tourism in Tenerife? Yes, there are plenty of rural houses in Tenerife for a self catering choice, in quiet locations for those that want to be closer to the nature and perfer houses instead of other types of accomodation.

We’ve been to a rural house in Tenerife called Doña Remedios in the South, located in Güímar. We recommend you to rent a car if you have decided for rural holidays but you can get  line 032* and get ther by bus

Rural House in Tenerife - Dona Remedios
Rural House in Tenerife - Dona Remedios


If you have small children, you’ll love the large outdoor terrace, where they can  play on the floor and if they are older , take a ball and see. As an adult, I prefer the barbecue and pool, a swim and then sit on the porch to eat some chistorras with a beer, yes, Dorada one, and wine from  Contiempo celler , I suggest you to visit it  (I’ll tell you a secret :they  make one  you will love, Malvasia).

The capacity of the house is for 6 people and has three bedrooms, check here  more information.

What can you do in the area?


200 meters you can find an access road which is signposted, a camino real.

  • Malpais Güímar
  • Barranco del Rio
  • Herques Ravine
  • Anocheza


Places of interest nearby:

piramides deGüimar
Güímar Pyramids
  • Güímar Pyramids Ethnographic Park, where to see  pyramidal constructions with a controversial origin  or visit a secret garden with poisonous plants
  • Basilica of Our Lady of Candelaria


* Check this website TITSA ( in relation tobus routes and schedules

Camping in Tenerife North

For those days on holidays in Tenerife camping seems an interesting option, fun and affordable after the investment of buying a tent.

As you know you can’t camp freely in Tenerife, whether you are spending a few days in the same place, enjoying the beach or the mountains or if you spend a single night and continue your route this list of camping areas in the north of Tenerife might be useful to plan your camping


 Camping Areas in the North of Tenerife




La ensillada ( byPico Chinobre)

Ctra. S/C -San Andrés -El Bailadero, turn TF -1122 a Chamorga, km 4,5

Price: Free

Capacity: 10 personas

Bus: 076-6077 -246

Parking area, water, toilet, BBQ area tables and seats


Llano de los Viejos

Ctr TF 114 La Laguna Pico del Inglés Km 3.4 , turn right

Price: Free

Capacity 10 people

Parking area, water,  BBQ area, tables and seats

bus: 073, 076, 077




Lomo la Jara

Ctra Agua García a La Esperanza , turn at  Casa Forestal

Price: Free

Capacity: 30 people

Services: Parking area, water, toilet, BBQ area, playground, tables and seats

bus: 054


El Sauzal

Las calderetas

Ctra La laguna -Ravelo ,turn at  campo de tiro

Price: Free

Capacity 10 people

Parking area, water, toilet, BBQ area, playground, tables and seats

bus: 054


La Matanza

La Vica

Ctra. La Laguna – Agua García – La Matanza .

Price: Free

capacity: 10 people

Parking area, , toilet, BBQ area, playground, tables and seats. No water available

No public transppor available to get here.


Santa Úrsula

La Caldera

Ctra de la Orotava a las Cañadas ( C- 821 )turn left at  km 16.2

Price: Free

Capacity: 50 people

Parking area, water, toilet, BBQ area, tables and seats

bus: 348 – 345


La Orotava


Ramón el Caminero

Ctra la orotava – Las Cañadas, km 25

Price: Free

capacity :50 people

Parking area, water, toilet, BBQ area, tables and seats

bus: 348


Los Realejos


La Tahona

Ctra Icod el Alto – Mirador de la Corona, turn right before the view point

Price: Free

Capacity: 10 people

Services: parking, water, tables, seats, bbq area. There are no toilets

bus: not available


Icod de los vinos

El Lagar

Ctra. La Guancha – Casa Forestal, s , 9 km . No public transport available to get there

Price: Free

Capacity 30 people

Parking area, water, toilet, BBQ area, playground, tables and seats


Las hayas

Ctra Icod – Barrio redondo. No Public transport available

Price: Free

Capacity: 30 people

Services: parking, water, bbq area, tables and seats, toilets, playground


Arenas Negras

Ctr TF 820 Icod – La vega – La Montañeta. before the little church turn left 800 m before

Price: Free

Capacity: 50 people

Services: parking, playground, sports area, toilets, tables and seats and BBQ area.

El Tanque

San José de los LLanos

Ctr TF 820 Icod San José de los LLanos from the North or from South Ctra. Santiago del Teide Erjos – San José de los Llanos

Price: Free

Capacity : 30 peple

Services: parking, water, toilets, tables and seats, BBq area, sports area.

bus: 360


Quite a few!

Camping in Tenerife – Frequently asked questions

Camping in Tenerife

Whether if  you practice outdoor sports, or if you just want to spend one or more days close to the  nature, camping in Tenerife is an inexpensive solution for holidays, so we give you information that we consider useful and practical.

Can I camp anywhere?

No. There are specific areas for camping on the island. These are the areas authorized in Tenerife North and Tenerife South

Do I have to request permission?

Yes, the Cabildo of Tenerife is where you must request permission to camp in Tenerife

How long in advance do I have to apply for a permit to camp?

10 days aprox

How long I can be camping in one place?

7 days, but if you’re doing a walking route of several days, permission to camp 24 hours outside these areas can be authorized

How much does it cost to camp in designated areas?

Nothing. It’s FREE

How I can cook?

Almost all the campsites on the island are within walking distance or by authorized recreational areas where you can use the barbacue areas, respecting any restrictions on use to avoid fire hazards, and please do not forget to leave the fire well off when you finish cooking.

Can I use my portable barbecue?

No. Its use is forbiden

I hope the information has been helpful for you, so now I can only insist on one thing. Please, if you camp in Tenerife, take care of the environment, we must keep everything in good condition and clean . Will you do it ? Sure you will!


The picture belongs to Javier País and it has creative commons Licese

Spanish Recipe: grilled fish with octopus carpaccio and corn sauce

The Spanish food recipe we have today is courtesy of  a la carte restaurant at Hotel Escuela Santa Cruz ,  a wonderful dish of canarian creative food.

Spanish Food Recipe - Fish recipe
Spanish Food Recipe - Fish dish at Hotel Escuela Santa Cruz


Recipe: ( 6 people)

  •  1 kg. Cherne ( local fish in Tenerife)
  • 125 gr. sliced vegetables : peppers, carrots, green beans
  • Octopus tentacles
  • 1/2 Corn
  • 0.2 gr cream
  • Black pepper
  • Extra virgin Olive oil


To start this Spanish recipe Boil the octopus  with some salt and when it’s tender put it in a bowl so tentacles will remain stuck with the gelly, we put a weight on top and freeze.

Make the sauce with the cooked corn and the cream and add salt and pepper.

Sauté the vegetables in a pan to get them al dente and reserve them.

Briefly cook the fish supremes in a pan and the  introduce the in the oven for 6 minutes 180ºC.



Cut the octopus in fine slices and place them in the centre of the plate and the supremes on top, vegetables over the fish and then the sauce

Nice and health, right?

And for those who do not want to cook, you can always enjoy this dish at

Restaurante Tajinaste 

Hotel Escuela Santa Cruz

C/San Sebastián 152

38005 Santa Cruz de Tenerife

TLF 922 847 500