Viña Norte Maceración Carbonica best Spanish young wine

It is no surprise: one of the most representative wines of the Island has been awarded again with a new prize, this time from Asociación Española de Escritores de Vino ( Wine Writers Association). This prize sets this amazing product from the Canary Islands in the right place and adds up to a surprising list with almost forty national and international medals.

The success could be explained by the technique with which this wine is made, – the bunch of grapes is fermented in a carbonic dioxide atmosphere-

Viña norte
Viña norte

Those who have tasted this mild and subtle wine with fruity bouquet before know that it is the best election to be drank alone as an aperitif or with a traditional menu from the Canary Islands. A fine combination with conejo en salmorejo (marinated rabbit), delicious with vieja con papas arrugadas (typical fish with potatoes) and with octopus, squids and every marine food salted with mojo (Canary Island’s sauce). It is a quality drink and the price of the bottle is around 12 and 14 euros in restaurants, the half if you buy it in a supermarket. However you can’t miss the chance to taste it.

Viña Norte Maceración Carbónica belongs to the Designation of Origin Tacoronte-Acentejo and it is one of the five denomination areas in Tenerife and the kind of grape (listán negro) that gives the cherry with violet edging colors, it is grown at the North coast of this Island. In this area it is where Bodegas Insulares de Tenerife has some of its wineries  where about thirty kinds of wine, liquor and brandy are produced.

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The best Concerts in Tenerife in 2012

2012 is full of musical events in Tenerife .Worldwide stars will fill our stadiums of great rock, pop and electronic music.In order to have all the information together we’ve listed the best concerts  in Tenerife in 2012, but order is not relevant at all.

Rock Coast Festival :

Excitement and controversy precedes  these three days of music in Santa Cruz de Tenerife even when there is still a mistery about  all the artists that will perform, maintaining the attention of the public that takes advantage of the missing bands to demand their preferred bands to the organicers. Ticket Prices change as new names are announced, so far Iggy Pop, Marilyn Manson or Evanescense will preform in Tenerife  for sure.

I love Music Festival:

Once again at Siam Park we have the best DJs of the moment: Hardwell, Gregor Salto, Real El Canario, Bingo Players, Rishi Romero or DJ Leon guarantee the best party in Costa Adeje during Easter 2012, combining music and the fun of the best water park in Europe.


Pitbul in Tenerife
Pitbul in Tenerife




This singer with Cuban roots will perform in Tenerife late in June. His duets with  artists as Jennifer López or Chris Brown have been incredible hits. Now  Pitbull in Concert in Tenerife with his Pit Planet World Tour.

Price of tickets between 25€ – 40€





It’s officialy confirmed Sting will preform in Tenerife at Heliodoro Rodríguez López  in Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

This versatile singer, actor and activist from Newcastle will offer the very best of his 25 years career during his “Back to Bass” Tour with an awesome band that includes Jo Lawry, Dominic Miller, Peter Tickell and Vinnie Colaiuta


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Spanish recipe:black potato gnocchi with ricotta and shiitake mushrooms

From Hotel Jardín Topical in Costa Adeje, Tenerife we have received a fantastic Spanish recipe that shows the creative cuisine we have in its menu at El Patio Restaurant

Black potato gnocchi with ricotta and shiitake mushrooms

Ingredients ( gnocchi)

  • 450 grs black potato ( it’s a very small potato from Tenerife)
  • 250 grs. Ricotta cheese
  • 60 grs. Egg yolk
  • 10 grs Albumin
  • 20 grs flour
  • salt, olive oil and pepper

Spanish recipe preparation: 

Once e have boiled and cooled the potatoes, grind in the Termomix at full speed with the ingredients to get a fine and compact dough. Add salt and pepper.

Leave the dough for two hours till it’s cold and hard.

With two spoons we’ll make quenelle of a relative big size as we’ll serve 6 gnocchi in each dish. We’ll cook the gnocchi in pleny of salted water taking special care not to let the water boil, otherwise  pieces will break. We’ll cook til the dough is consistent enough to take them out of the water without breaking

Tenerife Restautant  El Patio - Costa Adeje
Tenerife Restautant El Patio - Costa Adeje

Shiitake sauce: 

We have to hydrate the dry shiitake in hot water and then cut them in 8 pieces as if it was pizza lol.

In a pan put the shiitake with demi glace and cook til it’s reduced to a half . Add salt and pepper.


The dish: 

  • Grated parmesan
  • Finely choped bacon in trips
  • clarified butter
  • Fresh chives in thin slices
  • arugula leaves

We spread some parmesan over the pasta and grill it till it’s  golden.

We’ll put 6 units in each dish and pour sauce