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Turismo de Tenerife joins campaign for prevention of drowning and swimming accidents


Turismo de Tenerife joins the campaign launched by the Royal Spanish Federation of Rescue and Lifesaving for the prevention of accidents in aquatic facilities and natural aquatic spaces. The initiative aims to reduce the number of drowning deaths that occur each year in Spain which is already over one hundred people in 2017. The Royal Federation, together with the European Federation and the World Federation of Rescue and Lifesaving, has launched the campaign #StopAhogados. The campaign includes informative flyers with simple tips to prevent accidents. The flyers can be downloaded at the Royal Federation’s website in the section on Prevention.

A #bigwarmhug from Tenerife




The Tenerife Tourism Corporation has launched a #bigwarmhug campaign to communicate to all British visitors that the people of Tenerife are on their side no matter what happens with regards to the United Kingdom’s status in the EU. The aim is to say we are thinking of you at this uncertain time and no matter what you will always be in our hearts.

Reaching out to UK consumers and the travel trade, the campaign will be primarily promoted via social media channels like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram and will also see the local people of Tenerife offering a “big warm hug” to British tourists already on the island, as well as encouraging people in Britain to engage in the good feeling campaign.

Tenerife people, including island locals, personalities, taxi drivers, hoteliers and associated companies will upload images of themselves hugging British tourists holidaying on the island on to their own social media channels (see links below) to demonstrate their love for the island’s most important source market.

In a similar way, people in the UK will be encouraged to visit Tenerife’s website to download and print the Tenerife #bigwarmhug logo and take a photo of themselves hugging a person with the print in their hands. If they then upload the image onto their own social media channels, using #bigwarmhug and tagging Tenerife’s social media channels, those giving the best hugs will have their photos uploaded to Tenerife’s official channels by the Tenerife Tourism Corporation.

In 2015, Tenerife welcomed over 1.7 million British visitors to the island, and latest figures for 2016 show that between January and May this year there were over 800,000 British visitors, representing a staggering 21% increase on the already impressive figures for 2015.

 Here’s how you can support Tenerife’s Big Warm Hug campaign:

1. Print the poster #bigwarmhug on an A4 sheet of paper. Download (JPG) | Download (PDF) 

2. Have your picture taken hugging a British tourist with the poster but please ask their permission to upload it!

3. Each participant must upload the image to their own social networks with the hashtag #bigwarmhug

Thank you for sending us your big warm hug! You could become the star of our campaign.

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