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Coronavirus in Tenerife, tourist information


The Coronavirus has caused a lot of questions and doubts amongst Tenerife’s tourists and visitors. Here, we will try to answer the main questions and give you as much useful information as possible.  

The status of Tenerife’s airport

The official source of all information about the airport is AENA. Tenerife’s airports will remain open but with limited operating capacity. 

AENA’s official advice is to:

  • Always check the state of your flight with your airline
  • Don’t go to the airport any earlier than 90 minutes before your flight time
  • Maintain a one metre distance between yourself and other people

We publish the list of outbound flights from both Tenerife’s North and South airports on our social media profiles every day. If you have any doubts about getting back to your home country, please contact your consulate. It will be able to give you detailed information about getting a seat on a flight back home. 

If you plan to travel to the airport using public transport, please allow an extra hour of travel time as some services may not be running.  The aeroexpress line from Los Cristianos and Costa Adeje has been cancelled and the route is now covered by bus lines 111 and 711 in both directions. Passengers must buy a Ten+ card at the Los Cristianos or Las Americas bus stations as cash payments are not currently allowed.

Hotel closures

From March 19 hotels have closed to business due to a decree from the Ministry of Health that affects all tourist accommodation establishments in Spain. 

As a consequence, hotels cannot accept new guests during the national State of Alarm. Current guests have a seven day grace period, until March 26, to leave their hotel. This shutdown will last as long as the State of Alarm, including any extensions to the alarm period. 

How does the State of Alarm affect Tenerife? 

From Saturday 14 March, 2020 the Government of Spain decreed a State of Alarm covering the whole country. This lasted for an initial period of 15 days and was extended by the Spanish parliament until at least April 12. During the period, these are the restrictions that could affect tourists and visitors in Tenerife:

  • People are only allowed out of their home or accommodation for the following reasons:
  • To buy food, medicine or other essentials
  • To travel to a health centre or hospital
  • To travel to work
  • To assist the elderly or other dependent persons
  • To attend to urgent business at a bank or insurance company
  • Due to force majeure or an emergency
  • All journeys must be carried out alone unless your companion is a child, elderly person or other dependent. 
  • All shops are closed to the public, except those that sell food, essential items, medicine and medicinal items, hygiene products, press, stationary, vehicle fuel, and pet food, and those that operate online. 
  • Consuming food or drink inside an open shop is forbidden, as is forming groups and not maintaining the correct safety distance between people.
  • All restaurants, bars and other hospitality businesses are closed with the exception of those that deliver.
  • Museums, libraries and monuments are closed as are all sports, entertainment and leisure venues.
  • Public transport continues in a limited capacity. Check the reduced bus timetable from local bus company TITSA:

For more detailed information about the State of Alarm, please see our official announcement.

How long will the State of Alarm last

The State of Alarm will last until at least April 11 2020 but could be extended for a further 15 days. All restrictions remain in force until the State of Alarm is officially lifted. 

Travel restrictions to non-EU countries 

THe European Council has limited non-essential travel to and from countries outside the EU and the Schengen Zone. Entry into the EU for all non-EU citizens with the following exceptions. 

  • Residents of the EU or Schengen Associated Nations who are returning to their primary residence.  
  • Holders of a long-term visa issued by a member country who are headed to that country. 
  • Transnational workers
  • Healthcare professionals travelling for work purposes. 
  • Freight and good transports workers who are travelling for work purposes and those aviation workers essential to commercial air travel activities.
  • Diplomats, consular staff and international aid agency workers travelling for work purposes. 
  • People travelling for essential family reasons.

Entry may also be denied to European Union citizens who are not registered as Spanish residents or are not travelling onwards to their residence in another EU country. These restrictions are in place for 30 days from March 23.  

Tourist Information Services


Tenerife Tourism has launched a tourist helpline service for any visitor who needs assistance or information about Tenerife, COVID-19, or future visits to the island. Contact the service via telephone, email or via the GOIO virtual assistant. 

  • Telephone numbers: (0034) 922 255433 / 678 226 838 / 922 386 000 – 9:00 to 21:00 (+0 GMT).
  • Email:
  • Goio virtual assistant:

Remember to stay safe and in your home or accommodation. It will be a pleasure for us here in Tenerife to welcome you back in the future and continue to make great memories together. You can keep up with us at our corporate blog here 

Turismo de Tenerife joins campaign for prevention of drowning and swimming accidents


Turismo de Tenerife joins the campaign launched by the Royal Spanish Federation of Rescue and Lifesaving for the prevention of accidents in aquatic facilities and natural aquatic spaces. The initiative aims to reduce the number of drowning deaths that occur each year in Spain which is already over one hundred people in 2017. The Royal Federation, together with the European Federation and the World Federation of Rescue and Lifesaving, has launched the campaign #StopAhogados. The campaign includes informative flyers with simple tips to prevent accidents. The flyers can be downloaded at the Royal Federation’s website in the section on Prevention.

A #bigwarmhug from Tenerife




The Tenerife Tourism Corporation has launched a #bigwarmhug campaign to communicate to all British visitors that the people of Tenerife are on their side no matter what happens with regards to the United Kingdom’s status in the EU. The aim is to say we are thinking of you at this uncertain time and no matter what you will always be in our hearts.

Reaching out to UK consumers and the travel trade, the campaign will be primarily promoted via social media channels like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram and will also see the local people of Tenerife offering a “big warm hug” to British tourists already on the island, as well as encouraging people in Britain to engage in the good feeling campaign.

Tenerife people, including island locals, personalities, taxi drivers, hoteliers and associated companies will upload images of themselves hugging British tourists holidaying on the island on to their own social media channels (see links below) to demonstrate their love for the island’s most important source market.

In a similar way, people in the UK will be encouraged to visit Tenerife’s website to download and print the Tenerife #bigwarmhug logo and take a photo of themselves hugging a person with the print in their hands. If they then upload the image onto their own social media channels, using #bigwarmhug and tagging Tenerife’s social media channels, those giving the best hugs will have their photos uploaded to Tenerife’s official channels by the Tenerife Tourism Corporation.

In 2015, Tenerife welcomed over 1.7 million British visitors to the island, and latest figures for 2016 show that between January and May this year there were over 800,000 British visitors, representing a staggering 21% increase on the already impressive figures for 2015.

 Here’s how you can support Tenerife’s Big Warm Hug campaign:

1. Print the poster #bigwarmhug on an A4 sheet of paper. Download (JPG) | Download (PDF) 

2. Have your picture taken hugging a British tourist with the poster but please ask their permission to upload it!

3. Each participant must upload the image to their own social networks with the hashtag #bigwarmhug

Thank you for sending us your big warm hug! You could become the star of our campaign.

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