Coast and Beaches

358 km to shoot

To carry out professional or commercial film, television, video and photographic activities on the coasts and beaches of Tenerife, you have to request authorization from the Santa Cruz de Tenerife Department of Coasts (Servicio de Costas de Santa Cruz de Tenerife).

An application form must be completed and handed in with the required documentation at the offices of the Department of Coasts (Rambla de Santa Cruz 169, 38001Santa Cruz de Tenerife) or any other office from the official registration network or through the online official registration site.

Enquiries can be sent  to:


Phone +34 922 446 400 or fax +34 922 272 983.

A handling fee of 94.41€ will be charged. And when the activity has been authorized, the production company will be asked to pay a deposit and a tax. The deposit will be returned through a Spanish bank account.

Some of our local production and production service companies have an annual Coasts permit. Please contact us for information on the relevant companies and assistance with the application process: or +34 647 346 462.