Santa Cruz Film Office

The island’s capital is a cosmopolitan and fascinating city. Parks like García Sanabria, emblematic buildings in a modern architectural style, particularly the Adán Martín Tenerife Auditorium and the Tenerife Arts Space, colonial backstreets and popular neighbourhoods provide a diversity of filming locations. In turn, it has white sandy beaches with palm trees like Las Teresitas and the unique Benijo beach with its black sand and rocks. 

Santa Cruz de Tenerife has been the backdrop for filming, such as Jason Bourne (feature film, 2015); Rambo: Last Blood (feature film, 2018) and The Head 2 (HBO series), among others.  

The film office will advise you on the procedure to apply for filming permits on public roads in its municipality. To this end, it is advisable to contact them before applying for any permit. Filming is free of charge, except for such services as parking reservations, a police presence and others. As a general rule, you need to download the permit application, present it for registration at the electronic office as a general procedure and address it to the City Council of Santa Cruz de Tenerife.  

Contact for filming  

Name: Nayra García - Sociedad de Desarrollo 
Phone number (*) 0034 922 53 33 53 
Address: Plaza Víctimas del Terrorismo, 1 
38003 Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Instructions to apply for a filming permit: 

The filming permit application should be presented digitally, via the electronic office of the city council on a general basis  or at the General Register of the ministerial department, addressed to the City Council of  Santa Cruz de Tenerife.  

An annex needs to be attached to the application with a report on the activity, including the synopsis, date, timetable, locations, human team, technical team, contact team for filming, parking reservation, civil liability insurance details, etc. 

Once the application is registered, you should send the film office the substantiation of the registration of the application, the report and any other attached documents that have been presented to the electronic mail address for the internal tracking of the application with each corresponding department, according to the filming needs (parking reservation, public use, gardens, etc.). 


The occupation of the public space for filing is free of charge, except for specific services such as parking reservations, a police presence, the removal of urban furniture, etc.