Teide National Park

A stage at your level

To carry out professional and commercial film, television, video and photographic activities in the Teide National Park authorisation must first be obtained from the park authorities. This film permit must be applied for in writing a minimum of 15 working days prior to the start of filming.

An application form must be completed, which can be downloaded at the end of this text. Once you have filled it in you have to go to this link on the Cabildo’s website and attach it in the section “anexos” (attachments) specifying that the space you are applying for is the Parque Nacional del Teide.

You can also register your application in person at the National Park’s office: Administración del Parque Nacional del Teide (C/ Doctor Sixto Perera González, 25 - 38300- El Mayorazgo. La Orotava) or at the network of the Cabildo's registration offices. In this case, in addition to the application properly filled in and signed, you also need to add a photocopy of the ID, passport or resident card of the person applying for the permit.


If you have any queries please write to pnteide@tenerife.es or call +34 922 922 371. We recommend you send an email to pnteide@tenerife.es after you have applied online to let them know you have sent them an application.


If the activity is approved, the applicant has to take a further step called "Alta a Terceros" at the Cabildo Insular de Tenerife. This enables you to make a deposit that ranges from 300 and 3,000 € to be determined by Teide National Park. This deposit will be returned once the activity you applied for is finished and provided that no damage has been caused to the Natural Protected Area.

In order to facilitate the dealings for both the permit and the security, we recommend production companies from outside the island contact a local production company which is already registered for dealings with the public administration (“alta a terceros”), which will facilitate the process of selection of locations and the payment of the security itself.

Procedure for payment of the security

As you will also be informed by the Mount Teide National Park, once the activity has been authorised, in order to pay the security, it will be necessary to register for dealings with the authorities (“alta a terceros”) at the Tenerife Cabildo in Santa Cruz.

In order to carry out the dealings, the procedure differs according to whether the production company is Spanish or foreign:


  • If the production company is Spanish, you must download the file “Formulario alta a terceros” which you will find at the end of this text. Click here and you will find the instructions for filling it in.
  • For any questions related with the procedure of “alta a terceros”, you can ring the Cabildo information number, 901 501 901.

    We inform you that the necessary basic documentation that you will have to attach for the “alta a terceros” is as follows:

    If you are an individual (original and copy):

  • Certified copy of your National Identity Document, Foreign Citizen Identification Number or Passport
  • Your bank details filled in and stamped by the bank including the signature of the legal representative

  • If it is a legal entity (original and copy):
  • Certified copy of the Fiscal Identification Code and National Identity Document of the representative.
  • Bank details filled in and stamped by the bank, including the signature of the legal representative

  • If the production company is foreign, we would ask you to contact the Tenerife Island Authority (Cabildo) on the above-mentioned telephone number for them to tell you what other documentation you will have to supply in order to get your “alta a terceros”.